Electric Heater Element,24V Carbon Fiber Heating Films Factory,Far-Infrared Floor Heating Film

Electric Heater Element,24V Carbon Fiber Heating Films Factory,Far-Infrared Floor Heating Film
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GALAXY floor heating film is mainly designed to be used in floor heating systems to transfer heat, user-friendly.

GALAXY P.T.C is an abbreviation of Positive Temperature Coefficient, which means a smart product whose heating element controls its own temperature independently.

GALAXY P.T.C heating film can realize a more economical and safe heating system than any other floor heating via the possibility of power consumption suppression and overheating prevention by controlling the electric currents and the heating capacity of that part because the particles of the heater themselves act as a temperature sensor to detect only the temperature-raising part. 


GALAXY P.T.C heating film is a smart heating film that controls the power consumption automatically by controlling the resistance for itself without thermostat when the temperature of the film heater varies.

Our infrared carbon heating film is different from the traditional heating film, it is a high-energy, security, health, self-limiting temperature heating film, can all be covered, no high temperature and long life, can be used in the sauna, steam room sweat, kang, etc. .  designed mainly to be used in floor heating system to heat transfer ,user-friendly. 

Voltage 24V & 220V Most use for underfloor heating , small voltage can be processing to many kiinds of heating products, we accept OEM. 

This kind of carbon heating film is designed mainly to be used in floor heating film to transfer heat, user-friendly.


Power supply: 230VAC, 50Hz

IP Grade: IP54

Compression strength: 2750V

Tensile strength: 0.15mp/cm2

Insulation grade: B1

Ambient temperature: -40~+90°C

Radiance: 75%~85%

Oxygen index: >31%

Thickness: 0.3mm

Wavelength of radiation: 8~15μm

The max breakdown voltage: 10,000V

Melting temperature: 110°C

Flame retardant rating: UL94VO

Infrared energy: 756.9K/m2

Adhesive strength: 8.0kg/cm2

The max surface temperature: 73°C


1.Ideal for installation under any type of floating floor, including laminates.

2.Provides radiant floor heat with a level of comfort that no other heating method can match

3.Benefits the human body by applying for infrared heat .

4.No electromagnetic waves emitted from the heating film.

5.With its slim design, it is simple to install and ready to use.

6.Able to select desired temperature level for your own comfort .

7.Small or partial application is possible.

8.Extremely energy efficient

9.Produces negative ions.


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