220V 150W Carbon Floor Heating Film Membrane Under Floor Heating Film

220V 150W Carbon Floor Heating Film Membrane Under Floor Heating Film
Product Details

220V 150W Carbon Floor heating film membrane under Floor heating film 

1: The P.T.C is an abbreviation of Positive Temperature Coefficient, which means a smart product whose heating element controls itsown temperature independently. The P.T.C heating film can realize a more economical and 

safe heating system than any other floor heating via the possibility of power consumption suppression and over heating prevention by controlling the electric currents and theheating capacity of that part because the particles 

of the heater themselves act as a temperature sensor to detect only the temperature-raising part.

2: The P.T.C heating film is a smart heating film that controls the power consumption automatically by controlling 

the resistance for itself without thermostat when the temperature of the film heater varies.

220V Safe Current Heating film Series

Function & Features

1 .Each carbon wire passes through the current is less than the safe current 10mA

2 .Far infrared health care function

3. Up to more than 98% of the electricity conversion efficiency

4 .The left and right convergence, the current and voltage performance is more stable

5. "First" self demagnetizing function integrated heating film

6 .Super P.T.C characteristics, first-class frequency conversion technology, power change with temperature

7. A new generation of carbon separation technology, to eliminate the phenomenon of spark.


Applicable to a variety of floor heating system film, swimming pool heating system film, steam series film, wall heating film, electric heating system film, insulation systems film, electric screen film, electric volumes painting and other electrical system film