Underfloor/Floor/Wall/Bathroom/Ceiling Heating Film Infrared Heating Film

Underfloor/Floor/Wall/Bathroom/Ceiling Heating Film Infrared Heating Film
Product Details

Product Description

1.Product Details

Our infrared carbon heating film is different from the traditional heating film, it is a high-energy saving, security, health, CNT carbon heating film,  can be used in Family floor heating, the sauna, steam room sweat, kang, etc..designed mainly to be used in floor heating system to heat transfer,user-friendly. Voltage 220V Most use for underfloor heating , small voltage can be processing to many kinds of heating products, we accept OEM.

2.Product Picture

More Details

*Size : 500mm / 800mm /1000mm /X 100M (630mm stop sell)
*Voltage : 220V, 60Hz / 100V (adjustable)
*Wattage : 200 ~ 240W/sq (adjustable)
*Temperature : Max 60 degrees of celsius

2.Product Parameter

Power supply: 230VAC, 50Hz

IP Grade: IP54

Compression strength: 2750V

Tensile strength: 0.15mp/cm2

Insulation grade: B1

Ambient temperature: -40~+90°C

Radiance: 75%~85%

Oxygen index: >31%

Thickness: 0.3mm

Wavelength of radiation: 8~15μm

The max breakdown voltage: 10,000V

Melting temperature: 110°C

Flame retardant rating: UL94VO

Infrared energy: 756.9K/m2

Adhesive strength: 8.0kg/cm2

The max surface temperature: 73°C

3.Product Benefits
*Economical as it saves energy cost up to 30 ~ 50% compared with conventional heating system.
*Healthful as it uses clean electric energy and radiates far infra-red rays.
*Easy installation saves time and money.


Product Application

*Studio apartment

*Hotel, Condominium
*Cafe, Restaurant
*Hospital, Nursing home
*Temple, Church

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