Xi’an Galaxy  is a company who has export power and import power, In response to customer needs, we always import many good quality raw materials from other countries to produce better finished products.  Recently , we formally passes through the field inspection of the world-renowned international inspection and certification group - Bureau Veritas certification organization, and gets the BV certificate. It is known that the headquarter of Xi’an Galaxy is located in Hi-tech Development District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, and the factory is located in Jiangsu. shenzhen.   The company is a domestic leading cable manufacturer, and one of domestic cable manufacturers which firstly pass through certification of a world-renowned certification organization. Our main products are: electric wires & cables, heating cables, solar cables . 

About “BV” Certification
BV international inspection group of French Bureau Veritas (BV) is one of reputable certification authority organizations which certifies the most quantity of companies worldwide. In the certification process, the exports of BV group in China conducted on-site review and objective evaluation for employees, export sales, production, quality management, R & D capability and other aspects of Xi’an Galaxy The whole evaluation lasted nearly half a year, and the BV group finally issued the supplier capability evaluation report of Xi’an Galaxy, enterprise factory inspection video, main product certification and other qualifications. The results show that all indicators reach the certification standards, and the effects are satisfactory, and the BV group has issued their certificate to Xi’an Galaxy.




Xi'an Galaxy applied the UL,CE,ROHS,ISO,CCC,BV, certification in 2012-2014 ,  it marks that the production and management levels of Xi’an Galaxy have entered into the normalized and standardized track, and is in the management phase in which the company is steadily rising and gradually moving towards mature.