Hottest Selling Type Power 18W/M Electric Heating Cable Energy Saving & Healthy 110/120V 220/240V Best For Indoor Heating Floor Easy Installing Fast Warming Room

Hottest Selling Type Power 18W/M Electric Heating Cable Energy Saving & Healthy 110/120V 220/240V Best For Indoor Heating Floor Easy Installing Fast Warming Room
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Equipped with professional and productive 18w electric heating cable factory, Xi'an Galaxy is one of the best China floor heating cable, electric heat cable, roof heating cable, underfloor heating cable, defrost ice heating cable  manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap products from us.

18W electric heating cable for floor heating/ roof heating/gutter heating.....

Brief introduction of the heating cable :

Galaxy  heating cable materials are produced with foreign advanced technology and in full compliance with the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC800 standards and relevant provisions of national "Technical Specifications of Ground Radiation Heating", detected by national relevant authorities. Galaxy heating cables are mainly used in floor heating, soil heating, snow melting and so on. 

According to your application, two kinds for your choice:

Single conductor heating cable:

1, heating cable conductor materials: copper alloy,

2, number of core: 1

3, screen: dual layers (copper coil shielding + aluminum foil shielding )

4, sheath: high-termperature-resistent PVC or high-temperature-resistent silicon rubber

5, power range: 300w-3000w,

6, rated voltage: 220v  110/120v

7, Power(w/m):18w  

8. Cold Line: 2 -3 meters

Twin conductor heating cable:

1,heating cable conductor materials: copper alloy,

2,number of core: 2,

3,screen: single layer (copper coil shielding)

4,sheath: high-termperaure-resistant PVC or hight temperature-resistent silicon rubber

5,power range:300w-2600w,

6,rated voltage:220v  110/120v

7,power(w/m): 18w  

8. Cold Line: 2 -3 meters

Advantages of our heating cable/floor heating cable/roof heating cable:

  • Soft and Comfortable:Galaxy bahroom heating system follows the cahracteristics of people's sense of tempeature.

  • Clean and healthy: the warm floor bathroom heating system brings you can undermine the survival environment of parasites such as mites to prevent the formation of mold.

  • Energy and decent: after the whole system is installed, only in the lateral wall of the bathroom exposes a fine temperature system looks beautiful, decent, environment-friendly, and will not produce any noise or dust.

  • A lifelong benefit from one-time investment: Galaxy Bathroom heating system has the same service life with the building and almost doesn't need any maintenance.

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We will prepare shipping asap once we receive your confirmation, and give you the tracking number after we send out your goods. Usually within 5-35 working days you can receive your item.  Please wait patiently.

How to choose the cable length : 

For Indoor room heating , one square meter use 150-160watts heating cable, as the above data sheet 300watts heating cable can heat about 2 square meters place. the length is 16.67 meters.

For outdoor heating,  one square meter use 180-200watts heating cable .

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Heating cable package for your reference, can be customized:

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