Voltage 24V 120V 220V 380V Max Working Temperature 85 ℃ Exposure temperature 110C Self Regulating Heating Cable For Pipe Heat Trace Cable Fast Shipment

Voltage 24V 120V 220V 380V Max Working Temperature 85 ℃ Exposure temperature 110C Self Regulating Heating Cable For Pipe Heat Trace Cable Fast Shipment
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Electric Heat Pipe Tracing Cable –-Self-regulating Heating Cable

ZWK series self regulating heating cable (Medium-temperature Max 105℃ )

Electric heat tracing cable increasing or decreasing heat output in a self regulating way depend on the ambient temperature change.Self regulating heat tracing cable consist of two parallel bus wires , embedded PTC semi-conductive self regulating matrix, so it is no need thermostat for self regulating heat tracing cable.it will never overheat or burnout even when wrapped by itself (overlapped).with optional outer jacket, the heat tracing cable is resistant to corrosion, watery, explosion and organic and inorganic chemical and protect from abrasion and impact damage. the maximum maintain temperature is ZWK series +105℃     


● Energy saving, self regulating,automatically vary its power output respond to pipe or vessel ambient temperature changes.l Cut to any length as you want (up to max circuit length),easy to install and pave along with pipe.

● Low install cost than another heat tracing, less maintenance charges and less downtime.

● No overheat or burnout even when overlapped.

● Several output powers

● Suitable for use in non-hazardous, hazardous and corrosive environment.


Electric self regulating heat tracing cable is designed for residential, commercial and industrial filed , mainly used for freeze protection or temperature maintenance of metal or plastic pipework and vessels, roof and gutter deicing applications. snow melting outdoor according to the filed that you need. also include some special fields, such as flue gas desulfurization (FGD) for electricity generating station, oil well, ocean ship and fire pipe.so it is ideal for using in freeze protection, temperature maintenance, keep the fluid flow and in right degree.in a word, meet process requirements

Data sheet of self regulating heating cable: 

Conductor Bus wire

Tinned copper bus wire 7*0.5   19*0.32

Conductive plastic layer

Ordinary PTC, flame retardant PTC, PTC fluorine


modified polyolefin ; fire-retardant polyolefin ; fluorin-contained polyolefin ; fluorin material


Tinned soft copper 

Out sheath

modified polyolefin ; fire-retardant polyolefin ; fluorin-contained polyolefin ; fluorin material

Operate temperature        

Max. working temperature 105±5 ℃

Max. exposure temperature 135 ℃

Out sheath Max. bearing temperature: modified polyolefin: 105℃; 

fire-retardant polyolefin: 105℃; fluorin-contained polyolefin: 180℃; fluorin material: 205℃

minimum installation temperature:-40 ℃

Application fields          

 Pipe. tank freeze protection and process temperature maintenance ;Indoor and outdoor heating systems,

 freeze protection and snow melting.

Service voltage

12v 24v 36v 110-120v 220v-240V 380v

Output power (at 10°C)

35w/m 40w/m 45w/m 50w/m 55w/m 60w/m 

Thermal stability

After circulating for 300times from 10℃to 149℃, cable heat is maintained at 90% and above.

Minimum bend radius

At 20℃ :30.4mm; At -30℃ :40.6mm

Insulation resistance

if cable length is 100m and thermostatic water is 75 ,testing insulation resistance is 20MΩ

 at least. As for shielding or explosive-proof and protective type, test for 1 min between shielding layer and conductive wire core in 2,500VDC in 20, insulation resistance is 1200MΩ at least.

Start-up current ( 10 )