5 Types of Electric Wire you should know

1, PVC wire and Copper conductor Wires

The main features of products: pure metal conductor, insulation and sheath, such as steel core aluminum stranded wire, copper bus, electric locomotive line; processing technology is the pressure processing, such as melting, rolling, drawing, stranding / pressing twist; products are mainly used in suburban and rural areas, users the main line, switch cabinet etc..

2, Power cable

The main features of the products are: crowded outside the conductor (around) insulation layer, such as overhead insulated cables, or a few cores (corresponding to the power system phase, the zero line and the ground), such as more than two core overhead insulated cables, or increases the jacket layer, such as plastic / rubber sheathed cable. The main technology has drawn, stranded, insulated out (wrapped), a cable, armored, protection layer extrusion, different process combination of various products have certain difference.

3, Electrical equipment with wire and cable

4, Communication cables and optical fiber (brief introduction)

5, Electromagnetic wire (winding wire)

Mainly used for all kinds of motor, instrument and meter, etc..