All kinds floor can do electric heating ? how to choose floor?

How to choose the heating board when you use the floor heating cable

1 "all floors are advised to do to warm the floor?"

Warm to meet four elements: dimensional stability, anti fouling heating conductivity, environmental protection, durability.

Floor industry is working to develop floor standards, so that the four elements to quantify, and the development of floor laying and warranty period of quality inspection specifications, so that laying, maintenance of technical indicators are also quantified.

2 "is the name of the dedicated geothermal floor right?"

Such as "thermal floor" "anti geothermal floor" "thermal floor", is the most is "floor heating" "ground heating flooring" "heat resistant floor" geothermal floor "special-purpose geothermy floor", think some names is not scientific, some names does not seem appropriate, current especially ground radiation heating system, is booming in the early, names must be standardization, should say: "warm floor" the definition is: for the on the ground radiation heating system laying wooden floors, and through the plate for indoor heat transfer.

3 "the floor is thicker and more heat preservation?"

Wood is a poor conductor, if the thickness of the floor is too thick, is more conducive to heat by conduction to the floor board up and are consumed in the conduction process. As for insulation, floor temperature greatly, will inevitably lead to the floor deformation is great, thermal expansion and contraction, "" wet expansion and dry shrinkage will cause floor pans, torsion, bending, crack, dimensional stability can not be guaranteed.

4 "geothermal heating floor specifications are too wide, OK?"

Due to the use of the floor in the environment, easy to wet dry shrinkage, the emergence of the seam, but also to the floor heating, due to the water distribution of the faster, more prone to the phenomenon of the floor from the seam. So, experts recommend consumers in the purchase of geothermal heating floor as far as possible not to buy too large a specification of the floor.

5 "aluminum pad is dedicated to warm the floor?"

Ground radiation heating system, heat transfer, radiation, followed by convection and conduction, if in the heat on the ground then covered with aluminum foil, the formation of the anti radiation, in keeping warm, the surface temperature of the same, with aluminum foam pad and its thermal resistance, and ordinary foam pad thermal resistance.

6 "can you add plywood or plywood to the floor?"

In addition to the substrate board more harm than good, it is self defeating, superfluous! It is not allowed under the floor of her po.

Post shop acceptance

1 can only be suspended shop to try it?

Because of the special structure of the geothermal heating system, the cement floor can not be nailed. So for a long time of geothermal floor pavement most recognize only suspended shop to try, in fact, with the continuous progress of science and technology, market appeared a -- fast mounting keel, so that air can convection on the floor, good for heat convection, and the floor heating is more uniform, and the deformation is small, the room heat efficiency higher.

2 floor pavement is completed to do floor heating test

3 floor pavement is not done environmental acceptance

Geothermal floor, after heating, more play the release of formaldehyde. Therefore, after paving the geothermal heating floor, be sure to do environmental acceptance, to ensure that the free formaldehyde emission standards (national standards for 1.5mg/L)

4 in the floor above put no legs combination of furniture or carpet, and other damage to the floor surface heat

Furniture, carpets, large area and floor directly cover the floor here as the heat can not be dispersed, excessive concentration and cause uneven heating floor, resulting in here floor deformation, waste heat, so that the room temperature is decreased.