Basic knowledge of electric heating , when and where we can use the electric heating ?

With warm popularity, a lot of people to know more or less, some of the original owners do not have this budget also feel warm is a good choice, some are going to start with floor heating system as winter heating mode.

But I asked to heating, the actual situation is what kind of heating means for their own is not very clear! In general, to 50-60 square metres (here: about laying area heating construction area of 65% -70%) limit. The following 50 square electric heating has an advantage, more than 60 square feet of water warm advantage, here the advantage mainly refers to the cost (price per square meter) for. Because of less than 60 square meters, fixed investment of water heating boiler, diversity water device, solenoid valve, split into a high proportion per square unit, thus driving up water heating unit price per square meter. While more than 60 square meters, electric heating costsfor the same price per square meter and gradually accumulated, thus losing the price advantage. The apartment property, its inherent capacity is often very difficult to load to 150W/ square metres above requirements.

The following brief introduction of some basic knowledge about electric heating:

The total heating power of 1 electric heating property: zenith area x per square meter heating power

2 electric power should not be more than 150W per square meter of floor heating. Usually in the living room, dining room, bedroom, study in the use of 120-150W or so. And in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas can be used 150W or more of the heating cable.

3 kitchen and bathroom with 150W because this kind of actual area laying area generally only 70% of the area below the zenith. The increase in power is to make up for the lack of real shop area caused by the decline in heating power. The actual laying of the cable can also be used to increase the density of the method to improve the heating power (the maximum shall not exceed 270W/ per square meter, spacing can not be less than 5cm).

The laying of 4 electric heating in the cabinet in the fixed bed and the foot of the bed enclosed area should not laying heating cable. But the total heating power of the area can not be reduced, which can be used to make up the deficiency of the actual laying area by using the encryption and laying in the remaining area.

5 the choice of electric heating temperature control. The thermostat is recommended in ground of the probe, the reason is the rapid heating cable heating, water temperature and water heating is different from the relatively constant, its calorific value increased with increasing opening time in the local area, likely to cause danger of high temperature. Therefore, the temperature probe can automatically cut off the power supply at the first time of the cable temperature too high, so as to ensure the safety of the heating system and the personal and property.

6 floor heating area of about 71-90 square meters of construction area. Households with commuters as well, so that electric heating heating characteristics can fully reflect the fast (see "use" of the thermostat a), and reduce the cost of the effect is obvious.