Cable and Wire Materials

The vast majority of wire and cable products section (cross-sectional) shape is exactly the same (ignore due to manufacturing error), a long strip of the product, this is because in the system or equipment is used as a line or coil and characteristics.So the analysis of the structure of the cable products, from its cross section analysis was observed.
Structural components in wire and cable products, generally can be divided into wire, insulation, shielding, and covering the four main structural component of, and fill the components and bearing components, etc.According to the requirements of the product use and applications, some product structure is very simple.
2. The cable material
In a sense, wire and cable manufacturing industry is a material finishing and assembly industry.It is a great consumption of materials, cable material costs accounted for the total cost of the manufacturing of products 80-90%;The second is the category of materials used, breed is very much, particularly high performance requirements, such as copper conductor, requires above 99.95% and the purity of copper some product to the anaerobic high purity copper;Three is the selection of materials for manufacturing process, product performance and service life have a decisive influence.
At the same time, the benefit of the wire and cable manufacturing enterprises with the selection of materials, processing and production management can save material scientifically are closely related.
Therefore, wire and cable products in the design and material selection of simultaneously, generally to choose several kinds of materials, determined by process and after the screening test and performance.
Cable products used materials according to its position and function, can be divided into conductive materials, insulation materials, filling materials, shielding material, sheath material.But some of the general is a few structural material.Especially in thermoplastic materials, such as PVC, PE and so on as long as the change of formula ingredients can be used in the insulation or sheath.
Materials used in cable manufacturing has a very wide range of categories, specifications (grades).
3. The name of the product structure and material Conductor: (1) product for current or electromagnetic wave information transmission function of the basic indispensable main component.
Main material: the wire is short for conducting wire core, copper, aluminum, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum conductive properties such as excellent non-ferrous metal, with optical fiber as a conductor.
Bare copper wire, tin wire;Single feeder, stranding;Tin plating line after the ground.
Insulating layer: (2) is coated on the fringe of wire electrical insulation effect of artifacts.That can ensure the transmission of electric current or electromagnetic waves, light waves travel along the wires and not flow to outside and only on the conductor has the potential of the potential difference (i.e., on the surrounding objects formed, namely voltage) can be isolated, which is to ensure the normal transfer function of the wire, and to ensure the safety of the external object and personal.Conductor and insulation layer is cable products (except bare wire class) must have two basic building blocks.
Main material: PVC, PE,, polypropylene PP, fluorine plastic F, rubber, paper, mica tape
Filling structure (3) : a lot of wire and cable products are multicore, these or insulated wire core line to cabling (or grouping many cabling), one is the shape is not round, the second is insulated wire core is a large gap between, so you must add filling structure when cabling, filling structure is relatively rounded in order to make the cable diameter for package, sheath.
Main material: PP rope
(4) shielding: is a cable products in the electromagnetic field components of electromagnetic field in isolation with the outside world;Some cable products in its internal between different line on (or quad) also need to be isolated.Shield is a kind of "electromagnetic isolation screen".High voltage cable conductor and insulation shield is for homogenizing electric field distribution.
Main material: bare copper wire, copper clad steel wire, tin copper wire
(5) sheath: when installed wire and cable products run on a variety of different environment, must have the whole of product, especially for insulation protection of artifacts, this is the protective layer.
Because all insulating material has excellent electrical insulation properties required, you must request materials of high purity, impurity content is minimal;Often cannot balance the protection of the outside world, so for the outside world (i.e., installation, use and use of) all kinds of mechanical force or under resistance, resistance to atmospheric environment, resistant to chemicals or oils, to prevent violation of biological, and reduce the fire hazard must be borne by the various security layer structure,.
Main material: PVC, PE, rubber, aluminum, steel belt
(6) tensile element: a typical structure is steel core aluminum stranded wire, fiber optic cable, cable, etc.In a word, the development of special type small, soft, bend, twist many times at the same time required to use the products, tensile component plays a major role.
Main material: steel wire