Cables and Wires International Marketing

Cables and Wires International Marketing refers to the market and business operation activities of the business conducted across the country.International marketing and domestic marketing, need to enterprise culture integration, market research, market analysis, market segmentation, marketing mix, implement target marketing and a series of marketing strategies and tactics to implement.After determine the correct market orientation for the appropriate marketing combination schemes to meet the needs of the international market, so as to realize the profit of enterprise.International marketing is to adapt to the domestic environment, and to adapt to the international environment, international marketing is the domestic market marketing has a bigger, more diversity, complexity and risk.

1, Electric cable establish associated with customers
In a competitive market, customer dynamic.Customer loyalty is to change, to improve customer loyalty, and win the long-term and stable market, the important marketing strategy is an effective way in the business, demand through certain aspects associated with customers, and formed a kind of mutual assistance and mutual, mutual relationship, the associated with enterprise customers, especially for consumer goods marketing, enterprises need to sustain by association, relationship.
2, increase the speed of market reaction
Interact in today's market, the operator is the most important thing is how to stand in the perspective of customers in a timely manner to listen to the customer's hope, desire and demand, and promptly reply and respond quickly to meet the needs of customers.Some contemporary western companies have speculative business model from the past, transfer into a high response to the demand of business model.In the face of rapidly changing market, to meet the needs of customers, build relationships, enterprises must set up a rapid response mechanism, improve the reaction speed and response.Can minimize complain, so stable customer base, to reduce the probability of customer transfer.
3, Electric wire relationship marketing is becoming more and more important
Essential changes have taken place in the relationship between the customers and the enterprise market environment, the key to seize market has turned into with customers to establish long-term and stable relationships, from marketing mix into management and customer interaction.The enterprise will face a major shift:
(1) from trade marketing to relationship marketing.Trade marketing, one-time deal with specific customers, rather than to develop any lasting customer relationships.Relationship marketing, committed to the development and strengthening the continuous, lasting customer relationship marketing strategy for a long time.In relationship marketing, interactive marketing is the key.Interactive marketing function: the production and consumption of junction said the interaction of buyers and sellers, which will appear real moments.Due to the impact of these interaction on marketing appear in the process of interaction, this part of the marketing known as interactive marketing function.
2 from focusing on short-term profits to pay attention to long-term interests
(3) from single sales to establish friendly relations of cooperation
(4) from the product performance as the core to the benefits of a product or service to the customer as the core
5] never pay attention to customer service to high commitment
4, reward is the source of marketing
On the one hand, the pursuit of reward is the power of the development of marketing;On the other hand, the return is the necessary condition to maintain market relations