China heat mat kits for indoor floor heating the most energy saving heating systems

heating floor mat, electric floor heating mat kits :

Heating floor mat is made of heating cable with cold cable and fiberglass grid.

fiberglass grid of heating floor mat:

All Galaxy's heating floor mat features adhesive fiber

reinforced mesh backing which can be cut and manipulated, and which allows to lay the mat flat onto the subfloor surface and keep it flat throughout the installation process. 

The heating cable of heating floor mat:

The cable is pre-spaced on the mesh at 9cm or 7cm, offering optimal heat distribution. 

The heating floor mat thickness is only 2.9mm or 3.8mm,so almost there is no effect to your room space.

Compared to other companies' mats, Galaxy's heating cable on heating floor mat adopts not one copper wire & one resistance wire but two resistance alloy wires as the twin conductors.


Besides, the heating cable jacket could be PVC or Teflon or LSOH for your choice.

Why choose us

1. Reliable: Over 20-year production and sales experience in Electric heating cable

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5. Only adopts high-quality raw materials, key materials imported from American, Japan and Germany

6. Approvals: CE, EAC, RoHS, ISO 9001, EMF, NSF

7. Superior customer services:

Pre-sale: professional and responsible sales team provides full products solutions 
Sale: whole process traceable 

8. Strict QC system: products 100% inspected

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