Which SIZE should you pick up for the Home Decoration?

Hot Sale SIZE for home

1.Home circuit main power lines:6mm2 electric wire                           2.Three thousand watts of electrical machines with 4mm2 copper core wire               3.electric rice cooker/washing machine with 2.5mm2 pvc electric cable                4.1.5mm2 copper cable for lighting.

5.Refrigerator power is 24 hours as the unit. According to what you say power, full load current about 40, so the main power line is recommended to use 10mm2 strand electric wire, because all the work of electrical appliances may not be strong, with 6mm2 cables and wires can not be strong. Socket if points a few road, high power electrical shunt, 2.5 is enough, consider after the increase in the use of electrical appliances can also be the socket with 4mm2 house wire.

The bus can be used 4 square copper wire, copper core wire with 2.5mm2 enough.

6.Into the line to choose 6mm2 copper core wire, the extension of the selection of 4 square copper core wire, Socket line on the use of 2.5mm2 copper conductor wire

7.Into the line with 6mm2 pvc copper wire , the extension of 4mm2 copper cable.    

This is all,hope it will help you some.