Comparison of electric heating and traditional water heating, which is better?

Comparison of electric heating and traditional water heating:

Electric heating is a kind of energy-saving heating mode, it uses the heating cable is at the end of a relatively good effect of energy-saving, mainly buried in the ground, through the electric heating. Compared with the traditional heating, electric heating has the following advantages:

First, to make the room temperature distribution. Floor heating method, can make the whole floor of the heat, so the temperature of the room is very small. And the indoor temperature is a bottom-up gradually decreased and the ground temperature is higher than that of the human respiratory system temperature, can give a person with the first cold feet warm and comfortable feeling.

Second, electric heating is aim at creating a healthy indoor environment. Electric heating up heat, can kill surface bacteria, reduce indoor pollutants, and create a healthy and comfortable environment.

Third, electric heating, beautiful space. Domin of traditional heating equipment installed in the room, the space occupation, and unsightly, and different electric heating, electric heating heating cable is buried in the ground, leaving only a thermostat in the indoor temperature regulation, beautiful, do not occupy a space.

Fourth, high efficiency and energy saving. Compared to the energy storage type electric geothermal heating system adopt planar heat and electricity directly into heat energy, fast and uniform temperature rising, the operation without extra energy loss, thermal conversion efficiency is about 100%. With the traditional heating, energy-saving effect is very obvious.

Fifth, electric heating has the effect that preserve our health. Warm home has certain health effects, the foot is the most abundant human nerve endings, and acupoints of the human body is the most concentrated place, warm feet on the human body is very important. Heat from the foot incoming body, is conducive to the human body blood circulation, improve the immunity of people, had a certain role in the mitigation of arthritis and bone disease in patients with the disease.

Electric heating is the power for energy, heating cable, or other material as a heating element, 97% of the conversion of electric energy into heat energy, and water heating has some advantages compared:

1, laying the cost of the basic only with the area, the laying of a small area is more convenient, easy to decorate and put furniture

2, take up less than the floor heating 2cm

3, heat faster than the speed of some

4, heating cable is a clean energy, no pollution

5, electric floor heating system can be used to adjust the room temperature

Electric heating and water heating compared shortcomings mainly radiation (in the human body can be accepted) comfort is less than that of water heating; electric energy, by household electric meter limit current influence, more suitable for small range laying; operation cost compared with warm water high.

The above is compared with other electric heating household heating equipment, electric heating well? Compared with the traditional heating and water heating or has certain advantages. Experts remind: electric heating is more suitable for the living habits of the user, if is a long-term business or residential instability of the room is best suited to do electric heating, in the heating season when people for a long time at home, in order to save the operating cost of the heating system can shut down the system because electric heating in shutting down the system will not cause the destruction of electric floor heating system