Do you know the difference between single conductor heating cable & double conductor heating cable :

The difference between single and double heating cable guide guide heating cable:

1, for single conductor heating cable and double conductor heating cable is, some differences in the intensity of electromagnetic radiation, double guide than a single lead electromagnetic radiation intensity low, but are in the countries and the requirements of relevant standards within, and the better the quality of the heating cable both single channel heating cable or double guide heating cable his electromagnetic radiation is far lower than the national standards and related, generally only the provisions of the state value of tens of or hundreds of.   

2, then is the construction requirements are different, because of the single conductor heating cable at both ends have the cold line, double guide heating cables to one end the cold line is closed, so a single conductor  heating cable laying than double guide heating cable requirements;

3, then is inner joint number and the probability of failure, general double wires have three joints (here refers to is the internal metal joint is generally cold hotline the two connectors, terminal connector A, a total of three, the individual is two joints), and single channel heating cable only two cold hotline joint, double guide heating cable joint number than single channel heating cable is more, theory of double guide heating cable fault probability is slightly higher than that of single channel heating cable;

In addition to the two kinds of external heating effect of heating cable above points without any difference. From the described above we can draw the conclusion:

1, biderivation heating cable electromagnetic radiation is less than single channel heating cable, but are less than in the standard, no harm.   

2, single conductor heating cable joint number than the general double condcutor heating cable less one small failure probability theory 33%.   

Choose a single conductor heating cable or double heating cable to see your starting point, in meeting the national standard on the basis of all have no problem, you can choose after comprehensive comparison.   

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