Double conductor heating cable mat/underfloor heating mat for house heating systems

XI'AN GALAXY double conductor electric heating cable mat (Dual conductor heating mat )with the diameter of 3.5mm high temperature resistant fluorine plastic double conductor heating cable and glass fiber network.

Electric heating mat is a kind of advanced heating system, without laying cement layer can be directly buried in the ground decoration materials 8-10mm of adhesive, laying flexible, easy to install, easy to operation standardization, suitable for all kinds of decoration materials on the ground. Regardless of the concrete ground, wooden floor, or the old tile and terrazzo floor, which is installed in the ceramic tile adhesive, elevation on the ground almost had no effect.

Galaxy double guide special ultra-thin electric heating mat can also directly in the original ground laying and don't have to do other processing of the original ground. The ground temperature preheating layer is very thin so you can start in the system after 20-30 minutes to get the desired, so the speed of heat heating system is the best choice for bathrooms and other places Home Furnishing. (also known as heating cable )


1, structure

Outer sheath: polyvinylidene fluoride (FEP);

Grounding: bare copper wire;

Shield: + copper foil;

Conductor: + copper alloy resistance wire;

Insulation: polyvinylidene fluoride (FEP);

Connector type: external connector;

2, size

Diameter: 3.5 mm

3, electrical parameters

Power supply voltage: 220V (voltage can be customized);

Linear power: 12W/m

Power density: 150W/m2

4, other

The cold line length: 3m;

The maximum surface temperature of 120 DEG C;

Minimum bending coefficient: 5D.