Effect of the Insulation Material on Electric Wire

Do you know the insulating material quality on Electric Cable Wire?Let's take you further.

There are 3 common types of the insulation material for Cables And Wires insulated ,which is PE,PVC,and XLPE.

Different temperature resistance, using different environment, different processing performance, electrical performance is different, the product price is different, environmental protection class is different, and so on.

PE: commonly used in electric wire or cable insulation, data line insulation material, medium constant low, suitable for data cable, communication lines, all kinds of computer peripheral wire insulation.

PVC: wire and cable industry general products, good physical and mechanical properties, good processing performance, low cost and low price. But contains halogen, the maximum amount of jacket.

XLPE: a new type of high temperature resistant, environmentally friendly products, thermosetting plastic. Used in the electronic cables and the high environmental requirements of the place.

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