Electric Heating Cable Factory Use For Floor Heating Under Tile And Laminate Floor , why heating cable heating floor has an advantage

Why heating cable floor heating has an advantage?

Low temperature radiation heating system for heating cable, which is installed in the cement layer on the ground. The utility model has the advantages that when the utility model is operated, the whole ground is warm, the temperature range of the ground is warm, and the feet are warm, and the utility model is in accordance with the human body engineering and has good health care function. Because it can achieve the temperature of each room can be adjusted, so to avoid the waste of energy, with the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. Also for the user to save the space occupied by heating, increase the effective use of space. To avoid the construction of the boiler room, coal ash field, with the savings of the land can be developed more commercial housing, but also save the late maintenance costs. And of society, it is power excess electric power consumption of the area to find a breakthrough, reduce the coal, oil, gas and other heating methods on the atmospheric environment pollution. It is an important way to control the air pollution in cities. Because of these advantages, so the heating cable floor radiant heating system is being more and more real estate developers and many of the decoration of the user to accept. Below on the vast number of consumers and developers are generally concerned about some of the issues to make a brief answer.

The heating element of the heating cable heating principle of heating cable is made of copper, made of a nickel alloy resistance wire, within a single heating cable, any equivalent length range of resistance is equal. Through heating cable is connected with a sealing waterproof junction box and cold line, when cold line is added to the voltage and the current in the heating cable through, due to resistance by the obstacles, conversion of electrical energy into heat energy and in the form of radiation emitted, the thermal efficiency of up more than 97%. Heat is first absorbed by the cement layer, and then heat the dense bodies and air in the room through conduction and radiation. According to the difference of the internal structure of the heating cable, it is divided into the single conductor and double conductor and the. The power range for each line is 10W~20W per meter.

2. Heating cable system of price of heating cable system cost low and the housing with the power of the size of the heating cable is directly linked, and are equipped with a power lies at the seat of the housing area, area size, orientation and wall thermal properties. According to energy-saving building heat loss standard, we generally with the heating power of about average per square meter of construction 60W~80W, with special thermostat, the material price, but also building every yuan of square metre about, not than other forms of heating expensive.

3. Power consumption. The factors in the loss of power consumption depends mainly on the wall body of building thermal insulation performance, indoor and outdoor temperature and air exchange rate and the impact of the housing hot. At the same time, the size of the power consumption depends on the user's habits, and heating means no too big. And from the point of view of the electric heating efficiency, the heating efficiency of the heating cable heating system is more than 97%. To Beijing area energy saving housing as an example, its electricity consumption is only 0.4 degrees per square meter per day.

4 our factory heating cable is safe and high quality of the extension of the warm line itself to ensure the safety of the use of the safety of the line. Hot line of the heating element is first a layer of Teflon coated Teflon can be resistant to 260 DEG C high temperature will not release a harmful gas, secondly is coated with a layer of polyethylene, in addition to the package with a layer of metal screen line, the screen line installation of grounding, both to prevent leakage, and to prevent the warm line generated magnetic field lines radiating outward. The warm line of the outer pack with Teflon or PVC shell, have corrosion resistance to almost all organic substances. The heating cable is buried in the cement layer of 3 to 5 centimeters thick. The cement ground has the functions of heat accumulation and uniform heat dissipation, and has the function of protecting the heating cable from being damaged. The heating cable is often used in damp rooms, such as bathroom, sauna room, swimming pool and so on. The cold and warm line connecting line box is sealed and waterproof. The connecting box, the end of the warm line and the warm line shell are all tested before the factory, and the warm line unit is placed in the water tank for a long time and is electrically heated for a few hours for a long time. If the heating cable continuous power, the maximum temperature of the surface is also over 70. In addition, the heating cable can withstand the impact of the 2500V strong voltage without short circuit and open circuit. Heating cable is also used for the football field, golf course and other lawn of snow melting ice and maintenance, the safety of the athletes did not affect, but due to shorten the hibernation period of the lawn, to bring the benefits of the stadium. For additional insurance, a RCD relay can be used in the circuit.

5 installation of heating cable heating system is the need for special construction materials, such as special cement or concrete? The warm line is installed in the general standard concrete layer, no special material is needed. Concrete layer is generally required 3cm thick. If you need to install the thickness is low, can use the special adhesive, only cover the warm line. This special adhesive requires good scalability.

6. Installation of the total effect is much? According to the standard of the architecture of the room, adiabatic conditions, calculate the heat loss and the scope of the overall heating effect is: per square meter of construction - 60 80W, supplementary heating is about 50W per building square metres.

7 if the concrete layer of the warm line out of the problem, I can not pull out the warm line, my investment is not wasted?. If there is a problem, the regularity of the general is due to the external mechanical damage, such as screw and screw into the concrete layer of damage to the warm line. In this case, can immediately confirm the fault location, the region of concrete removed damaged clipping a hot line, warm connection and by the special repair material insulation. It's a simple, quick, and quick.Job failure is rarely due to product quality problems. Before and after the installation of the warm line should be measured by the description of the resistance value, fill in the installation instructions after the warranty certificate. Secondly, the location of the work fault may lead to the junction and the end of the warm line, their location should be marked in the installation sketch, so it is easy to find its location and repair. In other more complex cases, the heater can be used to identify the fault location and repair.

8 how much is the temperature 1) room temperature can achieve how much room temperature can achieve the temperature you require general room temperature for 18-21. The installation design of the heating line is calculated according to the requirements of the user and the heat loss of the room. Because it is the floor radiant heating method, so at room temperature of 18 degrees Celsius is equivalent to the ordinary heating way 20 degrees of comfort, thus it is more energy-efficient than ordinary heating way 10%. 2) the ground temperature can achieve much, as above, you can achieve the required temperature, generally 21-24 degrees Celsius, the bathroom can be higher, the living room can be reduced accordingly. The maximum surface temperature should be followed by the local construction standards. 3) how much is the maximum temperature of the heating line itself, at about 60-65.

9 how long is the life of the product, heating cable heating system has been used for more than 50 years in foreign countries, to the present, there is no one case of failure due to aging products. The simulation results show that the working life of the laboratory is at least 50 years. Generally we say that the warm line installed in the concrete layer is no different from any wire buried in the wall. You can hardly realize the existence of electric wires, such as electrical appliances, do you remember the replacement of the wires in the wall? It is with the housing construction, almost with the same life as the building.

10 what kind of ground decoration material is applied to the system? Ceramic tile, marble, composite wood floor and solid wood floor are all suitable for the system. In order to ensure the wood floor is not dry and warping, need a thermostat with sensor configuration.

11 can I switch the warm line system?. If you go away on vacation, you can turn off the system. But in daily use, automatic thermostat control room temperature, when the hot line work the ground or the room reaches the preset temperature, hot line is no longer working, and automatic energy saving, no need to manually switch. Its principle is similar to the use of the refrigerator, frequent switch and can not be energy saving. The thermostat design has been taking into account these factors. If there are special requirements, can be considered to install the temperature controller with a timer, set the switch time.

12 how long will it take me to warm up the line to the finished product on sale, that is, the warm line has a fixed length, can not be arbitrarily cut, extended. At design time, we will choose the warm line for you.

13 electromagnetic field heating cable shield use effectively avoid the electromagnetic field on the human body and the interference of household appliances.