Electric Heating Cable Laying structure,applcation introduction

Electric Heating Cable Laying structure:
Extruded sheet, reflective film, steel nets, heating cable, temperature controller, temperature sensing device.      

1. Construction:

A, check the laying area to confirm its compliance with the construction conditions.

B, clean up the laying area.

C, laying the insulation layer (laying only in the bottom layer)

D, laying reflective layer

E, laying steel mesh.

F, according to the design drawings of the laying of heating cable.

G, standard resistance and insulation resistance of heating cable.

H, according to the design requirements of the laying of the thermal  storage layer of cement mortar, as a moisture barrier layer, laying the  ground decoration materials, complete the construction of the ground.

I, installation thermostat.

2. Compared with the traditional method of heating, electric heating has the following advantages:

First of all, the room temperature distribution is uniform. Floor heating method, because it is the entire floor of the heat, so the temperature of the room is very small. And the indoor temperature is a bottom-up gradually decreased and the ground temperature is higher than that of the human respiratory system temperature, give a person with the first cold feet warm and comfortable feeling.

Second, it is conducive to create a healthy indoor environment. The heat sink is used for heating, the general water temperature is above 7 degrees Celsius, but when the temperature reaches 8 degrees, the dust group is generated, and the wall above the heating is covered with dust. And floor heating can remove the dust group and the turbid air convection, giving a fresh, warm and healthy environment.

Third, high efficiency and energy saving. Because of the radiant surface of the heating, the relative demand of the water supply temperature is low, only 4 to 5 degrees. And can overcome the traditional heating part of the heat.

Application of electric heating cable:

1, electric heating road snow

Heating cables are widely used in life and business due to the high cost of radiation. With the advent of winter, sanitation workers and traffic safety, thick snow is the most headache thing, for the above situation, the heating cable company launched a special winter snow products. For traffic safety and the snow has brought outstanding contributions, not only save manpower and material resources, but also to help traffic travel safety and other issues. Heating cable can be used in the road, eaves, and other occasions, for the snow brought troubled people sent to help.

Road snow melting systemis the heating cable laying in the road below, when encountered in the snow, you can open the power supply, heating cable through the heating to pavement natural melting snow, easily solve snow. The application of the snow melting system not only can solve the problem of the road area snow, but also saves the expense of the sanitation department, and saves the material and the energy. Has received wide attention.

The winter is coming, and the snow is near. Heating cable company to remind the majority of friends: as soon as possible to install the road of snow system, clear snow problem easily solved. Let you no longer have to worry about the snow hazard, save for you. Heating cable products can guarantee the service life of 50 years or more. Do not need someone to maintain, is your ideal solution to remove the road snow cover the most economical.

2, animal husbandry and aquaculture

Electric heating users preferred to become a family. The advantages of electric heating is a wide range of knowledge and mining, has been extended to aquaculture, as is known to all snakes are cold-blooded animal, when the temperature is too low will enter a state of hibernation. This is snake specialized households the most headache problem, when the snake specialized households of winter cannot maintain stable temperature, growth and reproduction of the snake very influential. So winter snake people are very hard. Oujite electric heating company in order to help farmers get rid of these problems, special research and development launched the snake happen the constant temperature system, once the product is launched, recognized by extensive farming households. To improve the economic benefits for farmers, also let farmers more worry and money.

The electric heating heating cableheating applied to the snake house heating. This greatly improves the snake shed temperature, ensure the winter low of snake. When the snake happen when the temperature drops, the system will be through the heating cable automatic temperature, snakes shed temperature up to 23 DEG C to 32 DEG C, temperature monitoring system will intelligent open system, heating cable through electric heating, uniform heating radiation makes the snake shed temperature to the desired temperature range. The traditional heating methods to maintain the room temperature by air convection, indoor temperature distribution is not uniform, affecting the physiological activities of the snake. And radiation to heat, can make indoor air basic uniform. The snake is in the proper temperature range no matter where it is. The temperature of the snake shed can be set by itself, and the high and low temperature can be self modulated. Very convenient. The user can sleep without any anxiety, don't have to worry about snakes shed temperature.

Electric heating launched snakes shed constant temperature system, not only farming to the majority of users to bring the convenience and traditional off warm equipment compared to covers an area of less, no pollution, lower energy consumption, greatly reducing the user cost of snake, the snake profit has also been significantly improved.

Terrestrial radiation heating system with low temperature hot water floor radiant heating system,

Heating cable floor radiant heating system, electric heating film ground heating system, but the electric heating system, because the technology is not yet mature, no national standard.

"Low temperature hot water floor heating," the temperature is not higher than 60 DEG C hot water as heat medium, buried in the floor filling the hot water flow in the layer of the heating coil, the floor heating, through the ground to radiation and convection heat transfer to indoor heating and heating so as to achieve the objective;

"Heating cable floor radiant heating system is the power for energy and heating cable for heating body, electric energy conversion into heat and indoor ground as a heat radiating surface, through the ground to radiative and convective heat transfer to the indoor heating heating mode.