Factory directly export ELECTRIC WELDING CABLE 16MM2 25MM2 35MM2 50MM2 70MM2 95MM2 120MM2 185MM2 have goods in stock

Welding cable supplies the electrical current for welding machines and is made up of fine copper strands inside a tough insulating jacket, usually synthetic or natural rubber, that is specifically designed to withstand repeated movement over rough surfaces. It retains its color well, even after rough treatment.   The fine copper strands also provide more flexibility than other types of wire.

Welding Cable is used in the welding machines and the connection pliers. Low voltage not more than AC 200V and DC peak value is 400V.
2.Long time remissible operating temperature is not more than 65degrees.
3.Also can be produced according to IEC standard, OEM requirements. And other related standard.
4.Delivery Requirements: If cable is packed in circle,its length should be 100m long.If it is packed in bundle,its length should be no less than 100m.The short cable which are no less than 20m are permissible to delivery.The quantity of short cable should be no more than 10% of the whole delivery.If mutual agreement is made,everything will be done according to the agreement.

Welding cable is mainly used in AC and DC welders , TIG welders .MIG, ARC and other welding equipment output .

Also we can offer processing customized according to customers' request and samples . 

conductor: copper or tinning copper or CCA

type:   YH   YHF H01N2-D H01N2-E(High flexible)

Welding cable core number and conductor nominal section :

1*16mm2,1*25mm2, 1*35mm2,1*50mm2,1*70mm2,1*95mm2,1*120mm2,1*185mm2.

insulation:   rubber /PVC Rubber/ EPDM/ CPE/ TPE/ PVC/ EPR

sheath:       Single or double insulation

color:         black, orange, red

conductor type:  stranded copper conductor

having good resistance to  heat  ,aging ,oil ,corrosion.   soft, good mechanical properties.

Welding cable certification:  BV, CE, ROHS