Factory export Solar cable and MC4 connectors

Solar cable PV004 photovoltaic connector is the use of a special connector for the largest solar photovoltaic power generation system, PV004 connector (MC4 connector) is a solar photovoltaic panel series parallel special joint. When the array module, with the rapid and reliable connection, convenient use, waterproof and dustproof features, shell aging resistant and ultraviolet resistant ability. The cable connection by pressing connection and tight way, male and female head fixed with self-locking mechanism and stable freely. Is an important part of the solar power generation system. The structure of product science, selected materials, to ensure that the mechanical and electrical properties are good.

Solar cable MC4 connectoresMain features:

With aging resistant and ultraviolet resistant function, can be used in harsh environment.; the cable adopts riveting and lock ring; male and female head plug is convenient, do not need to use other tools, the plug is not easy to damage the plug.

With excellent aging resistance and UV endurance, it can be used in harsh environment. The cable connection adopts means of rivet and lock. It does not need extra instruments for the removal of plugs and removal will not cause any harm to plugs.

Two. Main technical parameters of the product

Rated voltage: 1000V - DC

- rated current: 30A

Security level: Class - II

- cable specifications: 4 mm2

The cable number: 56/0.3TS

The external diameter of the cable: 6.10mm

The waterproof and dustproof grade: IP67

The environment temperature: -40 degrees C - 85.