Factory Heating cable and heating film compare

How to choose bettween carbon heating film and heating cable /mat?

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Underfloor heating cable mat  
combines the highest comfort level with maximum energy efficiency. It's a proven technology that's safe, reliable and energy efficient(saving 30%-40% compared with traditional  underfloor heating cable mat ).

Safe:High efficient and convient electric  underfloor heating cable mat . 

Automatism:  Underfloor heating cable mat can automatically(by thermostat) measure the heating requirement, and timely adjust the temperature.

Economical: The cost of installation and operation is relatively low; our underfloor heating cable mat can efficiently avoid damage and save maintain fees. 

Eco-friendly: Our electric underfloor heating cable mat use the cleanest and most efficient power which are popular between customers.

Warranty:  25 years

1. Carbon heating film:

Heating way: Far infrared

Warranty: 10 years

  • Ideal for installation under any type of floating floor, including laminates.

  • Provides radiant floor heat with a level of comfort that no other heating method can match

  • Benefits the human body by applying for infrared heat .

  • No electromagnetic waves emitted from the heating film.

  • With its slim design, it is simple to install and ready to use.

  • Able to select desired temperature level for your own comfort .

  • Small or partial application is possible.

  • Extremely energy efficient

  • Produces negative ions

So if you are a end user, we support you choose heating cable mat . if you are a distributor, we support you resell two kinds.

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