floor heating systems heating cable mat /electric heating mat/floor heating mat /underfloor heating mat

Commonly known as "floor heating systems." the principle is the professional and efficient durable heating cable is laid on the need to heat the ground, then laying on the commonly used tiles, tiles, marble, composite floors, and covering electricity generated heat to the cold winter the ground is no longer cold.

Our heating system heating cables / heating mats products with a safe, comfortable, clean, dehumidification, timing, with the thermostat to adjust the surface temperature, environmental protection, waterproof, hidden strong, subject to constraints, no need for maintenance, service life of up to more than 50 years, and the advantages.

Our heating mat use: can be widely used in homes, offices, hospital operating room, intensive care or senior ward, kindergartens, tea, chess and card room, sauna locker room, tatami style of the catering industry, hotels, scientific research and computer center, sports venues and other ground heating, in foreign countries is high-grade home floor hall, star rated hotels, villa will decoration, with the continuous improvement of the level of material life, market demand will be great, currently in Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities have generally use has become the new trend of today's luxury decoration.

Advantages of heating system in our company:

1 thin structure

Containing 20 mm thermal insulation board, with a total thickness of 25 mm. Special circumstances can be used 10 mm thermal insulation board, the total thickness of 15 mm. Lifting the ground more than 30 mm of concrete low, and self leveling cement layer is very smooth. Particularly applicable to the construction of a high degree of reserve.

2 light weight

Structure with a total weight of 7 kg / square, only seven percent of the weight of the concrete structure. The total weight of the system is small, and can be installed in a large area, which does not affect the original foundation design of the building.

3 heating block

Due to the self leveling cement thermal conductivity of only 5 mm, heat fast, laminate flooring, composite wood floor heating only 30 minutes. Stone, ceramic tile is due to the thickness of the overlay layer slightly longer, and the concrete structure is at least 4 hours or more.

4 special energy saving

Because the system structure of thin, fast temperature rise, so different heating area can take the method of "open, do not have off" as soon as possible to reduce the non heating period of consumption to achieve energy-saving purpose. Compared to the concrete structure energy saving more than 20%.

5 Protection of the whole

XI'AN GALAXY heating  to provide a full range of twenty years of product quality assurance, is currently the only country to provide insurance coverage of such a wide range of heating cable brand.