Gutter snow heating cable installation notes

Gutter snow heating cable installation note :

The electric heating cable is converted to heat, sleeping in the gutter. General selection of double guide heating cable, laid in parallel: pavement heating cable power per unit area: 250 ~ 400W/m2 (220V), cable laying spacing: 50mm

Before the construction of heating cable, first of all, we should confirm cable cold line reserved pipe, a temperature control device junction box, temperature sensor of indwelling, distribution box line pipe and reservation and pre embedded work has been completed. Laying in the region other professional hidden works have been completed, the site in accordance with closed independent construction conditions (the project should not be with other single project cross construction); water pipe and line pipe should be in advance on the ground grooving buried. Before the installation of heating cable, by the field of professional and technical personnel for the first time, resistance and insulation detection, make the record of inspection before the construction installation.  

Heating cable laying: the heating cable is the heating element in the ground radiation snow melting system. Heating cable laying is also the most important part of the project. The heating cable in the construction, construction and construction after all have strict requirements. Must have professional installation and construction team to complete.  

Cold line and hair hotline between use a junction box are connected, in a damp environment, need of junction box filled with silica gel, ensure 100% waterproof insulation. The whole heating cable in the joint part of the most prone to problems. Heating cable cold hotline joint part of the junction box package, three wire cold hotline joint riveting, tin brush connection were hidden in between the three grooves, and then temperature insulating sealant filling solid, the joint part of a more solid and compressive. Cold heating cable can harden should not be installed, can be connected to the heating cable timely. And should not be installed in the cable construction environment in -5 deg.. Because of lower than -5 DEG C when the bending is difficult, forced bending is bound to cause damage to the cable. According to the design.