Heating Cable Installation Considerations

Electric heating cable floor heating radiant floor heating system is regarded as the comfortable heating system, but the owner is not reasonable use can cause all kinds of problems. Reasonable use can make give full play to the functions of the system, and also can minimize the operating cost.

    The following is the first time in the problems need attention when using:

    1.If you having installation, you should contact installation company, notify the company and debug; If you are the whole building installation of electric heating cable floor heating radiant floor heating system, you can ask the property company has debugging system whether can be normal use. Note: the radiant floor heating system without debugging, it is forbidden to run.


    2.The advisory factory after-sales service, if there is a use of guidance and other services, if you have had better be used under the guidance of the manufacturer.

    3. If not satisfied or there are not understand of place, it is recommended that you read instructions or manufacturers to provide a user manual, fully understand the principle, function and use method of your system.

    4.Understand your home installation of electric heating cable floor heating area and the location of the thermostat, understand the control principle and method of each area.

    5.If there are any more shade around the thermostat or affect the items to be used and cleaning, inspection on thermostat looks clean.

    6. Test of leakage protector, press the test button after open the leakage protector, in order to ensure the normal use of the leakage switch.

    7. Open the thermostat, after turning on the power supply, you need to set the temperature section temperature Settings, and other Settings consult installation company after-sales service or the thermostat manufacturers.

    8.In the event of leakage, no heat or other abnormal situations please contact manufacturer for processing, avoid by all means for processing.