What should be attention in heating cable laying ?

        Many users are keen to electric heating, not only because its temperature is comfortable and healthy, but also because of its energy conservation and environmental protection. But at the time of heating cable pavement have a lot of attention.

        1. the laying of insulation blanket: insulation board should be laid on the structure of the smooth and clean surface. Should be trimmed and laying, clearance shall not be greater than 10 mm, insulation board between adhesive tape smooth application.

        2. laying wire mesh: wire mesh laid on the aluminium film, application of banding belt joint tightly between wire mesh should be lap and bound and fixed. Such as card nail fixed cable or with fixed belt fixed heating cable, wire mesh should be laid in the gravel layer concrete filling.

        3. laying of heating element: the distance between heating element must be in accordance with the requirements of design drawings laid on steel wire net, with tie belt will heating cable is fixed in the wire online, or by credit card or with fixed belt will nail heating cable is fixed on the insulation blanket.

        4. pouring pebble concrete filling layer: the pebble into concrete paved area must be set when the plate, cart tools such as no direct pressure heating cable; Application of wooden tools after concrete pouring cement gently, forbid to coarse ram; Fill layer within 48 hours after completion of forbid people trample, filling layer construction after the completion of the ground it is forbidden to take chisel, overloading.

        5. test again: filling layer construction has been completed, with a multimeter and shaking table Ω (500 m) of each cable, to check for heating cable is damaged in the process of filling layer construction.

6, the thermostat installation: should be used in the project delivery before installation, the thermostat installation instructions shall prevail when installation, after installation should be electricity detection, after the test tape bound up in order to avoid damage.