Heating cable road snow melting system for driveway ramps, bridges, roadways, walkways, parking and outdoor stairs outdoor facilities of soluble snow...

Heating cable road snow melting system for driveway ramps, bridges, roadways, walkways, parking and outdoor stairs outdoor facilities of soluble snow, and ice, in order to ensure the safety of the pedestrian area. This system can be applied to asphalt, concrete and brick pavement.

System characteristics:

Safety: the system provides people with safe living space, the winter snow and ice for pedestrians and vehicles cause inconvenience and damage to the building will no longer exist. Especially in front of the installation, providing security for the winter. Can automatically measure dissolved working area requirements, timely start and shut down.

, economical and reasonable: laying of the system at any time in the area of the ice and snow can be removed to avoid large amounts of salt, artificial shovel snow and frost damage. Traffic accidents can be reduced, and the safety performance of pedestrians and vehicles can be improved.

Cleaning snow and ice and salt and other resources to the environment caused serious damage to the environment, and this system is the use of the most clean, effective power, by the user.

1, design parameters:

Theoretically speaking, heating cable pavement power is greater, for reducing warm-up time and improve the effect of snowmelt more favorable. But the great power not only a substantial increase in the length of cable, also supporting the electric load is larger, facilities and running cost will increase. In addition, the increase of the power of the unit pavement is required to reduce the distance between the cable, the heat transfer effect is not good, it will cause the cable surface temperature is too high. So it should be considered under the premise of ensuring the safety of the cable, to improve the effect of melting snow, and save energy. Road unit area pavement power using 250--350W, can meet the general situation of snow melting ice requirements.

2, the selection of heating cable: cable can be used for deicing ramp. The bearing capacity of the cable car meet the load of the shop in the surface layer, can withstand repeated rolling roller. Heating cable specification: single channel type cutting the highest surface temperature: 65 DEG C linear load: 18.5W/m (220V) from the inside to the outside: heating conductor (both ends cold wire, insulation, grounding, fully enclosed lead shielding layer and an outer sheath.

3, insulation materials: by on ramp structure, bearing capacity and the heat transfer requirements considered, the 3cm-5cm thick extruded polystyrene foam insulation board, the compressive strength 150~500kpa, water absorption rate was 1.0%, the thermal conductivity is less than or equal to 0.025W/ (m-k) in the, dimensional stability.

4, control system: (two solutions)

(1) automatic control: in order to ensure the safe and smooth ramp, with intelligent control, using ice thermostat professional control, thermostat installation position is determined according to the actual situation of the.

(2) manual control: in ordinary temperature thermostat, heating cable of snow melting snow melting process can is divided into two steps: Step 1, in before the snow (generally according to the weather forecast) the power switch is turned off (more reasonable time for early 2 ~ 3H), the ground temperature is increased to 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, once it began to snow, a ground hold 2 to 3 degrees Celsius temperature can the snow melted away; step 2, in the snow will snow timely melt.