Heating cable six advantages

Heating cable six advantages 

Heating core:

Multi-stranded alloy wire stranding, strong stability, flexibility and easy construction.


The use of flame-retardant silicone rubber insulation, the maximum high temperature up to 260 degrees. Silicone rubber has good anti-aging, thermal conductivity, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and has a high resistivity.

Double Shield:

Copper mesh plus aluminum foil double-layer shield with leakage protection, ground and no electromagnetic radiation safety concerns.

Hot and cold wire connector:

Factory cooling hot-line connector multi-layer protection, double injection molding process, to ensure joint stability, compression and impact resistance, has a very strong waterproof and leakage protection!

Outer Sheath:

The use of high temperature 105 ℃ flame retardant green PVC.


Length 2m, multi-strand copper wire, flexible, and easy to install wiring.