How to choose a good floor heating cable /underfloor heating cable

**Floor heating, also known as radiant floor heating, referred to warm, according to heating media is divided into water heating and electric heating two, electric heating generally heating cable floor heating and carbon fiber (also known as carbon crystal or an electrothermal membrane) two kinds of warm, below I will simply heating in accordance with water heating, heating cable and a carbon fiber heating is divided into three to some of the more their advantages and disadvantages, to help you in the decoration of the correct choice suitable to warm.

First, the common advantages:
1, high comfort. Heat from the foot to the upper, the temperature gradient descending from the bottom, the body warm head and cool, high comfort.

2, does not occupy the interior space, especially for the smaller size of the installation, you can save the area of 1-2 square meters.

3, the higher space of housing (especially the villa or double room is equivalent to two floors of the living room) is the most suitable for installation.

4, home with the elderly or children of the family is the most suitable for installation.

Two, common shortcomings:

1, thermal inertia is big, the temperature up is slow, is not suitable for intermittent heating installation, such as office, school, etc., for those working family home (no old people or children) is not suitable for installation.

2, not suitable for the lower floors of the building installation, because the floor heating to raise the ground 7-250px, particularly is irrigated warm heating cable floor heating of wet laying, less suitable for installation, otherwise it will appear the floor is very low.

3, due to heat from the floor to rise, to raise the ground dust, not suitable for the old chronic bronchitis and asthma patient's family is arranged in home is installed in the general family, also want to pay attention to keep the ground clean and sanitary.

**Following from the floor heating design, heating laying construction, ground cover and warm materials, service life, comfort, using the risk, fault rate, investment cost, maintenance cost, use cost to analyze the water heating, heating cable floor heating and carbon fiber warm, what advantages and disadvantages.

1 the heating design:

Floor heating design preferred to take into account the housing headroom height, taking into account if irrigated warm heating cable floor heating wet laying ground to raise 7-250px, also taking into account the wet laying, do not choose the best carbon fiber heating, because of its joint more, in mixed concrete are prone to failure.

Secondly, heating water heating to design back to the font, so as to avoid the uneven ground temperature, but also to try to make the length of each loop pipeline are similar, and no longer than 120 meters, otherwise, the loop may cause uneven pressure, some room heat some room is not hot, water sets the equipment is also critical, preferably with intelligent control, each loop water separator installed on the electric actuator, temperature controller is arranged in each room, the room temperature reaches the set value, automatically closed loop flow of the room, then installing a water collector with hands wheel adjustment, you can manually adjust and control each loop flow and stopping water collector can not use the valve adjustment, because it does not regulate the flow, can only stop.

Heating heating cable laying can be designed into a S type, don't need to be designed to the kind of complex back to the font.

Both heating cable or carbon fiber heating, at design time to considering the power of each room thermostat to be able to meet the laying of floor heating power, and from the thickness of the thermostat to air switch wires, but also to meet the needs of the room the laying of the heating cable or carbon fiber heating power, otherwise it may cause can not be normal use.

2, the laying of floor heating:

Water warm heating cable floor heating is most suitable for wet laying, laying in the wet toilet, not including the surface covering layer, the water warm shop to the ground elevation of at least 175px, heating cable to ground elevation 150px, if to do shop, are laid on the underside of the insulation board to use that kind of prefabricated groove and on the surface and thermal insulation prefabricated panels of various aluminum, heat reflection, and the second is the heat transport is more uniform, the shop at least raise the ground 75px.

And carbon fiber heating is only suitable for dry laying, directly above the laying laminate flooring or solid wood composite floor, not suitable for wet laying, not suitable for the laying of tiles, not suitable for the laying of the wet toilet, raise the ground in general more than 50px.

3, to warm the surface covering materials selection heating cable or other materials.

Warm water surface can be laying tile, enhanced wood floors and composite floors, can not be laid to play solid wood flooring wood Delong;

Heating cable floor heating can be laying tiles, enhanced wood floors and composite floors, you can lay solid wood flooring wood Delong, but cable power per meter less than 10W and per square meter less than 80W, the laying of the solid wood floor to dry, not high temperature deformation.

Carbon fiber heating can only lay laminate flooring and parquet, not suitable for the laying of tiles and wood floors.

4, Service life of Heating cable and other heating materials.

Warm water, according to the heating pipe material is different and the quality of the different, can reach 20-50 years, generally speaking, pure plastic tube service life is short, aluminum-plastic composite pipe and a longer service life, such as constant Er warm double crosslinked polyethylene plastic composite pipe, inner and outer layers are PEX-b of German imports of intermediate layer of aluminum layer, voltage, resistance to high temperature, oxygen, easy bending, service life of up to more than 50 years, even and buildings with life. Carbon fiber with the passage of time, the attenuation phenomenon, so its service life is short, both South Korea production or domestic, general manufacturers warranty between 1-10 years.

Heating cable floor heating has the longest lifespan of up to 50 years, such as XI'AN GALAXY Heating cable, installed in 70 years ago, still normal use.

5, comfort compare heating cable and other materials.

To the laying of wet water to warm comfortable is the highest, followed by wet laying heating cable, then dry the laying of water heating and heating cable floor heating, poor comfort is carbon fiber heating.

6, the use of risk.

Heating cable floor heating, because each loop buried in the underground is a whole cable, XI'AN Galaxy line of the cold and hot wire joints are contact one of the least risk.

Compared due to the large joint of carbon fiber heating and direct laying on the floor, if the joint is not good or thermostat failure, easy to produce the risk of short circuit or fire.

Warm water because the water separator is set centrally all loop pipeline, such as seepage Water Leakage accident in central heating heat source is the case, easy to damage the furniture and flooring, resulting in a greater loss, so it should be in the water separator installed in the bathroom, even if there is a lot of water leakage, will go down the drain. Does not cause significant losses, but the wall mounted gas boiler as heat source in a separate heating system with less risk, because the system is small, in some water, even if all the leakage end, will not cause great loss, wall mounted gas furnace is gas equipment, installation and maintenance must be professional, otherwise the risk is very big, must for those who have the ability to have the qualification of maintenance and installation of the enterprise purchase.

7, failure rate:

Heating cable lowest, almost no after-sales service.

Carbon fiber heating of the joints more prone to malfunction, and inconvenient maintenance, need to remove the floor maintenance.

Warm water and underground part of the general failure rate is low, in addition to non-human damage, but for the independent heating of heat source, such as a wall mounted gas boiler, easy to produce fault. For those that does not have any factory authorized service of second and third tier cities, not guaranteed after-sales service, best not to install water heating, the best choice requires almost no maintenance of heating cable floor heating.

8, maintenance costs.

The lowest carbon fiber heating heating cable, heating the water to warm the highest.

9, the use of cost. Warm water using the lowest cost, the carbon fiber heating time, high heating cable.

10, some other friends will put forward the problem of electromagnetic radiation and the generation of static electricity.

For warm water, the two problems do not exist, the heating cable exist certain electromagnetic radiation, but as long as our manufacturer of heating cables are within the scope permitted by the state, single channel cable electromagnetic radiation only national standard percent about one, even far below the general household appliances radiation.

Heating cable generally does not produce static electricity, only the electric heating film will produce electrostatic phenomenon, in the laying of the insulation board is best not to use aluminum foil reflective film, instead of special high temperature resistant PE film can reduce the generation of electrostatic phenomenon.

In summary, in the choice of installation of floor heating, from many aspects to consider, according to its own lay particular stress on which to select the most suitable for their own families to install the floor heating.


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