How to choose the house electrical wire

How to choose the house wire

Our family life, often used to wire, although it is very humble, but the responsibility is significant. If the residents use the wire configuration is unreasonable or poor wire, there is the risk of fire. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the selection and use of. Next, and share with you how to buy electric wireexperience, and I hope to help you.

1.A clear appearance.

Every country also has a standard for wire, in its surface should be clearly marked on the production of the manufacturer name, product model and rated voltage.

2.Smooth appearance thick inner core.

From the electrical cables horizontal point of view, it is the entire circle on the insulation or sheath thickness should be symmetrical and there is a certain thickness, there is no partial core phenomenon.

3.Out Sheath.

For electric wire, its outer layer of PVC/PE cables. Should choose plastic skin luster, and the texture is fine. If you don't know the outer plastic material quality, best lit with a lighter (allows the seller to cut some cables wires, pay attention to the fire point) to test, if there is no fire wire for good quality.