Khan steam room laying electric heating cable effect is good or not ?

Khan steam room laying electric heating cable effect is good or not ?

Re:  The answer is yes.

Laying Khan steam room electric heating: heating cable laying power 500W / square meters, the degree of temperature control can be reached 40-45 degrees, but the actual pavement, laying the ground 300-350w/ square meters with the wall laying 150-200w/ square meters with the. General steam room temperature in 38-42 degrees. The ground decoration practices and warm as part of the wall is different. Specific approach is on the wall to do a layer of insulation board, then in the above sequentially pavement reflective film, wire mesh, heating cable, finally in the cable above with external wall insulation of the polymer cement mortar do a layer thickness of not less than 1 cm from the protective layer.

The functions of electric heating steam room :

One, release the wavelength 8 - 14 micron far infrared, the firing rate of 90% or more, dredging meridians, improve the body's blood circulation system and micro circulation system;

Two, the release of negative ions, purify the air, activate cells, purify the blood, balance the body's ph;

Three, the release of 0.06 Ma micro current, regulating cell biological activity, complement and balance the human body;

Four, effectively blocking the invasion of the electromagnetic wave, water pulse and other harmful radiation on the human body;

Five, activation of cells, in order to cure "the" mainly, supplemented by comprehensive regulation, can effectively prevent a variety of diseases and play the role of adjuvant therapy;

Six, so that the body is in a state of relaxation, relieve tension and relieve pressure;

Seven, to accelerate the body's blood circulation, open the pores, open up the body environment, discharged body dirt;

Eight, enhance human immunity, and promote wound healing;

Nine, to strengthen the trachea, bronchial lung function, desensitization, sputum has a good effect;

Ten, increase the basic metabolism of the body, reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, glycerin three fat, increase exercise endurance;

Eleven, antibacterial, promote body restoration and regeneration;

Twelve, change the skin and skin, enhance skin elasticity, anti-aging;

Thirteen, to improve the acidic physique and sub health state;

Fourteen, body shaping effect.