Low smoke halogen free electric cable

low smoke halogen free electric Cable

1,Low-smoke electric wire and free-halogen flame-retardancy wires can produces little smoke and into cuousgs without halogen when combusion. 


2,It Can Extremely reduce the damage to the instruments ,equipment and body as the fire occurred. 


3,It was widely used un the crowded public concourses such as high-rise building, large-sized library,gymnasium, commonding&controlling building for guard against blast, statiocivil aiefield. passenger waiting room,emphasecultural relic. etc


4,The using property of the rated voltage under 35KV plastic insulation cable and wire developed by us. 


5,Comply with the require-ment of GB/T12706-2008,GB5023-2008 and GB9330-88,DJ08-93-2002.


6,Meanwhile,Its low somke and free halogen property comply with the standard of GB/T 19650-12-1998. GB/T1765.1-2


7,By the national technique inquiry ,This types of products reach to internationals leveL.

 Application of PVC electric wire :

The PVC Insulated Wires belong to the series of laying wires, which are mainly suitable for laying at the fixed places. They are widely used as connectors of driving, lighting, electric equipment, instrument and telecommunication equipment with rated voltage up to 450/750V( Uo /U). Part of the plastic insulated wires are used at the equipment with AC rated voltage up to 300/300V. 

2.Construction of PVC electric wire

(1).Conductor: bare solid/stranded copper,or Aluminum.

(2).Insulation:  PVC rated at 70°C

(3).Color Code:red,orange,yellow,yellow-green,blue,purple,gray,white or as your requirement.

(4).Outer sheath: PVC tapes ST2 to IEC.