Photovoltaic cable factory ,Solar cable 4mm2 in stock , PV cable 4mm2 100meters per roll

SOLAR CABLE used for interconnection wiring of grounded and underground photovoltaic  power systems

  1. Solar cable Conductor: fine wire strands of tinned copper wires,according IEC 60228,Class 5

  2. Solar cable Insulation: halogen free XLPE ,Colours: black

  3. PV cable Outer jacket: halogen free and flame retardant XLPE,electron beam cross-linked resistance against water , UV resistant,Jacket colour: black,red

 3.Temperature range

Max,temperature at conductor    -40℃ up to +120℃
Temperature range    -40℃ up to +90℃(min.25 years)

4.Electrical characteristics

Nominal voltage U0/U    AC 600/1000V,DC 900/1500V
Mat.DC voltage    1800V(conductor-conductor,
non earthed system,circuit not under load)
AC-test-voltage    6.5KV
Min.Surface resistance of sheath    109Ώ
Other tests    according EN 50395


5.Mechanical Characteristics    
Min.bending radius    5 x cable diameter
Tensile strength and elongation    according EN 60811-1-1
Cold bending    according EN 60811-1-4
Thermal endurance properties    according EN60216-2

6.Environmental characteristics

Halogen free    according TUV 2PfG 1169/08.2007 Annex B
Ozone resistance    according EN 50396
UV resistance    according HD 605/A1
Flame characteristics    according IEC 60332-1-2