PTC Carbon heating film/Far infrared electric heating film

XI'AN GALAXY Heating Film Production Line Advanced technique and equipments are imported since the company's establishment.  we have produced and exported many carbon heating films :

Carbon heating film PTC characteristic Heating Film specification:

Voltage: 24V,36V,110V,120V,220/230VAC  


Length: 30M 50M 100M

Power: 60W 80W 220W 300W 400W 500W per square meter

Tensile strength: 0.15mp/cm2

Compression strength: 2750V

Ambient temperature: -40~+90°C

Radiance: 75%~85%

Oxygen index: >31%

Thickness: 0.3mm

Wavelength of radiation: 8~15μm

The max breakdown voltage: 10,000V

Melting temperature: 110°C

Flame retardant rating: UL94VO

Infrared energy: 756.9K/m2

Adhesive strength: 8.0kg/cm2

The max surface temperature: 73°C

Drawings of the carbon heating film:

How to install heating film

Re: Please contact us , we will give you the installation guide

Is it need installation tools and accessories ?

RE: Yes  , we also will provide to you

How long it working life time?

Re: It's almost equal to the building life.

The utility model discloses a balance electric heating film of XI’AN GALAXY, which is a new generation of electric heating film, which breaks through the pattern physics and solves the problems of the current electric heating film.

1.The coverage temperature is controlled, the security is higher, the power is automatically decreased with the increase of the temperature, the temperature is controlled

2.Shorten the carbon line, the temperature is too high to control the temperature

3.Can choose to order from 12V to 250V, the width is no longer limited to do a wider heating film, the conventional 1250px  wide.

4. A more thorough separation of copper carbon, copper and carbon to eliminate line contact caused by arcing phenomenon

5.Carbon line number more shorter and smaller current are less likely to cut ignition phenomenon, such as to make wider film heating carbon line distance invariant better control line carbon resistance

6.At about part of the current carbon input line current and voltage is more stable and more balanced

7.Each piece of silver bars through the printing line adjacent and zero line,which generated (above A and B) adjacent field

sizeequal, to the contrary, between the two cancel each other out, has better demagnetizing effect, effectively reduce the electromagnetic radiation electrothermal membrane.

The electric heating film has several major characteristics:

Use long life, high heating efficiency, low energy consumption, fast heating speed, with the temperature increased power down automatically. And other electric heating film equal heating area, cost does not increase, heating effect is more stable, less electricity conforms to the modern green ideas of environmental protection and energy conservation.

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