Safety Instructions For Electric Wire Install

In the process of home decoration, if not the correct use of wire and cable, or the choice of poor or old wire and cable, it is easy to cause the occurrence of fire. Therefore, in the construction process must pay attention to the material storage and construction process of attention.

1) how should the wire and cable be handled?

Decoration site, avoid wire and cable will become scattered in the volume must be stored away from the fire. It is not the wire cable is directly exposed to the sun exposure or ultra high temperature, especially for the construction of the copper wire. The electrical wiring must be made of plastic or metal pipe to prevent the damage to the human. For laying in the ceiling, into the wall and other places of the wire, in the pipeline, there is no wire connection.

2) how to deal with the fire of electric wire and cable?

First to cut off the power supply, and then choose not to live fire extinguishers, such as dry powder, carbon dioxide,fire extinguishers, avoid the use of foam fire extinguishers.If the Building Copper Cable get fired, Pay attention to the fire fighting process, to maintain the safety distance between the person and the fire equipment and the charged body.GALAXY PVC Insulated House Wire. When putting out the fire from the House Electrical Wire And Cable , the elevation between the average person and the charged body should not be more than 45 degrees.That is why,all of us choose flexible Copper Wire From XI'AN GALAXY Rising Industrial Co.,Ltd.