Selection the Best Lighting Cable

Do you know how to Selection the suitable Lighthing Cable?If not,let us taking you further.

1) Check the appearance. Qualified products of its insulation (sheath) layer of soft, flexible and flexible electric cable, the surface layer is tight, smooth, no rough sense, and have a pure gloss.

(2) The surface of the insulation pvc wires and cables(sheath) should be clear and resistant to wear. Non regular insulation material production, insulation layer feel transparent, brittle, no toughness.

3) Check the insulation layer. National standard for wire insulation layer uniformity of the most thin point, the average thickness of a clear data. The insulation layer of the normal electric wire is uniform, not the core, and is tightly packed in the conductor.

4)Check the certificate. Standard certificate of products should be marked with the name of the manufacturer, address, after sales service telephone, model, specifications and structure, the nominal section (that is, the usual 2.5 square, 4 square wire, etc.)