Solar Cable Hot Selling -- Analysis of the difference between the photovoltaic cable and the ordinary electric cable

Analysis of the difference of the solar cable and common cable:

(1) the common cable can be seen that the conductor and photovoltaic cable.

(2) common cable insulation and sheath can be seen is different from photovoltaic cable.

(3) Common cabe is only used in ordinary cable laying common environment.  

(4) photovoltaic power cable advantages: high temperature resistant, cold resistant, oil, acid, alkaline and salt resistant, anti ultraviolet radiation, flame retardant, environment-friendly, photovoltaic power cable is mainly used for the atrocious weather, the use of more than 25 years life.  

(5) developed by our company for photovoltaic cable is use and TUV certification to photovoltaic wire supporting, get the praise of customers at home and abroad.  

A: photovoltaic cable , Solar cable

Photovoltaic cables are often exposed to the sun, and solar energy systems are often used in low ambient conditions, such as low temperature and ultraviolet radiation. At home or abroad, when the weather is good, the maximum temperature of the solar system will be as high as 100 degrees Celsius.  

Ordinary cables can be adopted by all kinds of materials are polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber, elastomer (TPE) and crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) etc. high-quality interwoven link material, but unfortunately is ordinary cables rated maximum temperature is 90, otherwise even rated temperature is 70 DEG C PVC insulated cables often in outdoor use, but can not meet the high temperature, anti UV, cold.  

Now the national "golden sun project" in the national promotion, there are many contractors in order to save the cost, not to choose solar system supporting the photovoltaic cable, choosing instead to ordinary PVC cable to replace the photovoltaic cable, obviously, which will greatly influence the service life of the system.  

Anti loading machine

Photovoltaic cables, in the placement and application, the cable can be arranged on the sharp edge of the roof wiring, while the cable must withstand the pressure, bending, tension, interwoven tensile load and the anti power performance is superior to the ordinary cable. If the use of ordinary cable, sheath anti UV performance is poor, resulting in cable aging, thereby affecting the cable life, can lead to the cable short circuit, fire and staff risk injury and other issues.  

Photovoltaic cable insulation sheath after irradiation, with high temperature resistance, anti ultraviolet radiation, oil, cold and other performance, the service life of more than 25 years, this is the ordinary cable can not be compared.