Two ways analysed heating film

1. Conduction Principle

Tell from physics, heat conduction of cold and hot objects must have direct contact or can only be carried out through the intermediate medium, in such a high temperature surface temperature decreases, the surface temperature of low temperature rises, we know the electrothermal heating temperature by testing, about 35 , think we can approximate electrothermal film as heat source; Floor surface temperature for indoor temperature, can be thought of as the cold source, and we the electrothermal film and the floor is fully contact, so was born the transmission way of geothermal membrane by loading 220 v voltage to provide enough energy, the surface temperature of the floor will continue to rise, until reach 35 , achieve dynamic balance. When we walk on the floor, can feel the floor is also hot

2. The Principle Of Thermal Radiation

In physics, material is made up of molecules, and molecules is made up of atoms and electrons, when the original internal electronic excitation vibration, can produce alternating electric field and magnetic field change, emit electromagnetic waves into space, this is radiation. Electromagnetic wave produced by excitation method is different, is not the same, they have different effect on the projected onto the object, if is the cause of the temperature or thermal motion and excitation of electromagnetic wave is called thermal radiation. Thermal radiation did not require material contact heat transfer can be made, like the sun to cross the vast space radiation to the ground. But the radiation heat transfer process has been accompanied by the two form of energy transformation, namely the object part of the internal energy (such as electricity) is converted into electromagnetic launch out, when the electromagnetic wave and quilt shot to another surface absorption, electromagnetic wave can also converted to internal energy (such as heat). So the electrothermal first heated indoor dense objects, and then the object will heat to the air, indoor air temperature lag behind the body temperature, reduce the environment of cold radiation to human body, so people in the room with the electrothermal heating will be 16 very comfortable feeling, not cold.

The electrothermal is follow the two principles of heating. First turn on the electricity access electrothermal film, the current through the copper (silver) carrier fluid make graphite heating, heat transfer through the floor, and continue to launch the electromagnetic wave. When the electromagnetic wave radiation to human body or object is absorbed by the object appear, the electromagnetic waves can be converted into heat energy, make human body feel warm. Like the cold winter, we stand in the snow outside, when the sun on our bodies but didn't feel cold outside, what's more, we stand on the floor of the heat source, and have the electrothermal radiant heat, we can comfort to known. The electrothermal heating is such a simple truth, and completed a comfortable process.