whats the differences between cable and wire?

whats the differences between electric cable and electric wire?

(1) PVC Electric wiresare consisting of a root or a few soft wire, coated with soft sheath;Cable is composed of one or several root insulated wires, outside with made of metal or rubber tough outer package again.Cables and wires are generally by the conductor, insulation cover and protect the skin of three parts.Common characteristics of the cable is as follows: CEF - ethylene propylene rubber insulation neoprene sheath, Marine flame-retardant power cable.CVV, PVC insulated, PVC sheathed Marine flame-retardant power cable.Oxygen tank wire often USES BV, BX, RV, H03VV-F  series wire, among them: H05VV-F- copper core PVC insulated wire, long-term allowed temperature 65 ℃, the lowest temperature 15 ℃, the working voltage of ac 500 v, 1000 v dc, fixed installation in indoor and outdoor, but Ming also can apply dark apply.BX - copper core rubber insulated wire, the highest temperature 65 ℃, apply to indoor.RV - PVC insulated single core soft line, the highest temperature 65 ℃, the lowest temperature 15 ℃, the working voltage of ac 250 v, 500 v dc, as internal wiring for instruments and equipment. H07VV-R- soft copper core PVC insulated and sheathed wire, allow the long-term working temperature 105 ℃, working voltage ac 500 v, 1000 v dc, used in damp, high mechanical protection requirements, often moving and bending.In fact, "the wire" and "cable" and no strict boundaries.Is usually some conclusions, the product of small diameter, simple structure, less product called wires, no insulation called bare wires, the other is called cable;Conductor cross-sectional area of the larger (more than 6 square millimeter) called the big wire, the smaller (less than or equal to 6 mm2) called a small wire, insulated wire is also known as wire cloth So said simple, easy to understand!!!!!Cable is generally more than 2 layers of insulation, majority is multiconductor structure, around the cable tray, length is generally greater than 100 meters.Wires are generally single layer insulation, single core, 100 meters a roll, wireless dish.Cable common type: VV said: PVC insulated (V) first, PVC sheathed (V) the second YJV22 said: even PVC insulated (YJ), PVC sheathed (V), steel belt kay (22) model and "out" or "FR" for the flame retardant cable (wire).Add "L" for aluminium wire wire model is relatively simple: H05VV-R, PVC insulated and sheathed copper core wire, BV - heart PVC insulated copper wire, BYJ - copper crosslinked polyolefin insulated wire, H03VV-F  - PVC insulated copper softhearted, BX - rubber insulated copper core wire, RHF - neoprene rubber sleeve softhearted copper wire.
(2) the small diameter is called "line";Large diameter is called "line".
(3) is called a "line" structure is simple;Complex called "line".
But with the enlargement of the scope of use, a lot of varieties with rope "in line", "the cable in cable".So there is no need to distinguish between.
On the daily habits, people called wires, home cloth wire the power cable or cable.
Wire and cable including bare wires, winding wires, power cables, communication cables and cable, electrical equipment.