What's the Electricity floor heating ?

Electricity floor heating is appearance allows the upper limit of working temperature 65 ℃ heating cable buried in the floor, the heat source for heating cable floor heating, with the thermostat controls the temperature at room temperature or floor, realization of radiant floor heating heating method, are comfortable, energy-saving, environmental protection, flexible, don't need maintenance, etc.

Basic introduction :

The editor Radiant floor heating floor heating is usually said, popular says, floor radiant heating is the official name, is the abbreviation of floor heating. Geothermal radiant heating is no higher than 60 degrees Celsius temperature of the hot water or heating cable, the coil of dark buried under the concrete or the whole ground heating cable heating, through the ground to an indoor radiation heat evenly heating means. [1]

Historical development of electric floor heating

The ground low temperature radiation heating technology has been across Europe since the 50 s, Electricity floor heating Electricity floor heating Northern North America (USA and Canada) are widely used, its history can be traced back to as far as the Roman empire, when people to the introduction of the underground hot springs underground tube slot, in the heat cycle in the marble floor heating. In the palace in ancient China, also had a similar application. Ground low-temperature radiation heating system is the most comfortable, health, and the increasing popularity of heating way, the service life of more than 50 years, you can choose all areas use floor heating system in the home, also can choose in some areas, such as bedroom, hall). Electric heating floor heating system has been in large areas of Europe, North America has been widely accepted and approved; With the improvement of people's living standard in our country, this kind of new way of heating at home have more and more applications. Floor heating began to walk into people's home life

Working principle of electric heating:
Electric heating with a heating cable for heating body, used for laying under the ground floors, ceramic tile, marble and other materials, with intelligent temperature control system for the formation of comfort and environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, do not need to maintain, the room used independently, life skills, hidden type ground heating system.

Electric heating: heating cable, thermostat, ground material

The heating method, widely used in high-end villa, to electricity for energy, energy directly converted into heat energy, heat efficiency is 100%, the radiation mode to transfer heat, with comfort, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, etc..

The working principle of electric heating:
Ohmic heating cable, conductor temperature control at 40 degrees ---70, through ground (10 degrees --- 35 degrees) as a heat radiating surface, radiation to transfer to the above ground, so that the surface temperature increased, to improve and maintain the room temperature.

Uniform indoor temperature, the temperature everywhere can be adjusted according to needs, each room can be free, individually controlled, energy saving, no noise, no pollution, intelligent operation, low energy consumption, heat radiation heating, high efficiency, does not occupy the indoor and outdoor space.

System reliability, high safety, is not easy to be damaged, without the maintenance service life of more than 50 years, once installed, lifelong use, maintenance free, maintenance free, no bare radiator pipe and radiator, space saving, increase in relative area 3% --- 5%, indoor only beautiful thermostat, clean, sanitary, not dry, like the warmth of the sunshine.

What is the electric heating?
Electric heating is a kind of energy-saving heating method. It uses the heating cable is a kind of relatively good effect of the end of the energy saving. At the same time, energy is renewable energy, which can be power generation by solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, water conservancy and other energy sources. In general, the peak is used during the day, and most of the family is mainly used for night heating, so that a control device can be used to balance peak and valley, to achieve more energy saving effect. Second, electric energy is a clean energy, the use of electric energy, can reduce the emissions of sulfur dioxide and other gases in the air, the current national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, have vigorously advocated the use of electric heating.

Heating method of electric heating:
Heat source from the soles of the feet to start from the bottom up, conforms to the principles of human physiology, promote metabolism, soft natural heating way. Far infrared wavelength deep inside the body, so that the rising temperature of deep subcutaneous tissues, microvascular expansion, promote blood circulation, but also to the role of activation of cells, enhance immunity. Low temperature radiant floor heating is by embedding in under floor heating pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe and a conductive tube, the floor heating to the surface temperature of 18 to 32 degrees Celsius degree, evenly to the indoor heat radiation heating and achieve results.