what's the function of the Wire and cable ?

what's the function of the Wire and cable ?
The main functions of the electric wire electric cable for the power transmission is electromagnetic conversion, signal and implementation,
Transmission power such as power cables, overhead lines, such as coaxial cable transmission signal, to realize the electromagnetic transformation, such as enameled wire.Wire and cable cross-linking have what effect?
Cross-linked insulated wire and cable have excellent electrical properties,
Good safety performance and thermal overload mechanical properties, easy installation operation and maintenance, etc.   
Crosslinking mechanism of wire and cable insulation is physical or chemical methods,
Make high polymer insulating materials by linear molecular structure into a 3 d mesh structure, by the thermoplastic material into thermosetting insulation materials,
So as to improve the insulation aging resistance, mechanical properties and the ability of resistance to environment.
The United States from the 50's invention cross-linked insulated wire and cable, 60 s application step by step.In nearly a decade,
Domestic are increasingly widely used crosslinking insulation, it replaces the oiled paper insulation, and is gradually replace PVC plastic insulation.   
A wide variety of crosslinking of the insulation, on the mechanism of crosslinking mainly divided into two categories, namely physical crosslinking and chemical crosslinking