Name: Self limiting temperature heating cable

Features:  Has a positive temperature coefficient "PTC" feature Optimal point The state of low temperature rapid start, uniform temperature The class

Type : Self regulating heating cable

Self regulating  heating cable by conducting polymer composite material (plastic) and two parallel metal wires and insulation sheath of flat ribbon cable. Its characteristic is conductive polymer composites with positive temperature coefficient "PTC" features, and parallel to each other, can change with the temperature of the heated system automatically adjust the output power, limiting the temperature of the heating automatically. "PTC" characteristics of positive temperature coefficient effect, refers to the materials increases as the temperature rises, the resistivity, and the characteristics of the resistivity increases sharply in a certain temperature range.

Product advantage

1 temperature control with thermal cable is accompanied by a thermal system with automatic adjustment of the output power, and therefore will not be burned because of their own heat, but because of the actual needs of heat compensation, so for the new generation of energy-saving constant temperature heater.

2. Temperature control heating cable can be arbitrarily truncated or in a certain range of long use, and allows multiple overlapping without high temperature hot and burnt into consideration.

So the advantages of temperature control with hot cable are:

At low temperature, the temperature is uniform, and every part of the temperature can be automatically adjusted by the temperature change of the heat tracing.

Easy installation, simple maintenance, high level of automation, low operation and maintenance cost.

Safe, reliable, wide use, not pollute the environment, long life.


(DWK) low temperature series, (Zwk) in temperature series with heat cables are used in petroleum, chemical, iron and steel, electric power and other industrial enterprises pipeline, tank containers and instrumentation boxes with thermal insulation, antifreeze, anti coagulation, can also used in building fire fighting pipeline antifreezing insulation, ramp, roof of ice, snow, and indoor heating and so on many occasions. Heat tracing cable is suitable for common area, explosion proof area and corrosion area.

The maximum maintenance temperature is 65 + 5 C, 105 + 5 C, in the above maximum maintenance temperature, any maintenance temperature through thermal design can achieve.

Technical index

1 temperature range

Maximum maintenance of the highest temperature range of the highest surface temperature

DWK Series : 65 + 5 C 85 C 85 C

ZWK Series : 105 + 5 C 135 C 135 C

2 construction temperature: minimum -40.

3 thermal stability:

DWK series: from 10 to 99 degrees to degrees C, after 300 times, the cable hair heat maintained at more than 90%.

ZWK series: from 10 to 149 degrees to degrees C, after 300 times, the cable hair heat maintained at more than 90%.

4 bending radius: 20 degrees at room temperature for 25.4mm; -30 C low temperature, for 35mm.

5 insulation resistance: with hot cable length 100m, ambient  temperature of 75 degrees, the minimum value of insulation resistance  20m.