What's the YJV cable??

Power cable ---YJV Type

YJ---- crosslinked polyethylene insulation

V---- PVC sheath

YJV cable type name: crosslinked PE insulated PVC sheathed power cable

XLPE insulated power cable with excellent thermal mechanical properties, excellent electrical properties and resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, but also has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, installation does not drop restrictions and other advantages is now widely used in urban power grid, the mines and factories of the novel electric cable.

Cable insulation XLPE is using chemical methods and physical methods the molecular structure of linear polyethylene into three-dimensional network structure of cross-linked polyethylene, thus greatly improve the polyethylene thermal mechanical, thus maintaining the excellent electrical properties.

Cross linked polyethylene insulated power cable conductor, the highest rated operating temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, more than PVC insulation, polyethylene insulated cables are high, so the cable is also further improve the flow.

Standard of power cable:

The rated voltage of GB/T12706.2-2008 1KV (Um=1.2KV) to 35KV (Um=1.2KV) extruded insulation power cables and accessories

IEC60502-2:2005 rated voltage of 1~30KV power cables with extruded insulation and accessories


Working temperature:

Conductor rated operating temperature of 90

Conductor short circuit temperature:

The maximum temperature of over 250 DEG C, the long time no more than 5 seconds.

Installation temperature:

The installation of cable laying temperature not lower than 0 DEG C

The air lay: the environment temperature is 40 DEG

The soil lay: the environment temperature is 25 DEG

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