Which is better ? Single core or multi-core copper conductor wire ?

Single core or multi-core copper conductor wire should be based on the application of the site, the environment, use and other specific circumstances to determine.

First analyze their respective advantages and disadvantages:

1, the advantages of single solid core electric wireis: anti tensile strength, not easy to mold off, anti surge current strong, easy shaping, etc.. The disadvantages are: poor flexibility, poor resistance to fracture, poor skin resistance, poor heat dissipation.

2, the advantages of multi core electric wire: good flexibility, good heat dissipation, good skin resistance, good resistance to fracture. The disadvantage is that: anti tension is poor, easy to mold off, anti surge current is poor, not convenient plastic.

By analyzing solid wire & stranded wire their advantages and disadvantages, we can see that the advantage of one side is basically the disadvantage of the other party. So, in electrical engineering, should pay attention to avoid weaknesses. Achieve reasonable design.

1, deposited in the dark, overhead power box jumper setting right field with single core wire.

2, home appliances access power supply line, the connection between the circuit board, the activities of the workplace and other applications are advised to use multi core copper wire.

Away from the specific application environment, not for specific application objects, to discuss which kind of copper wire is not significant.