Which One should provide the Electrical Wire for Home Decoration?Renovation company or the Employer?

Hydropower project is the most basic one of the whole house renovation´╝îthe Electrical Wires and Cables Play a very important role in this project.Its very hard to make decision for the employer,sometimes they don know how to choose the the suitable Electric Cable For House Renovaion.

Under normal circumstances, the company will be the renovation of water and electricity contract, because it is part of the most easy to make money. Some small unreliable decoration companies will use some of the cost of the cable to decorate the lower, if you can buy the copper wire their own, of course, is the most assured.

 Hereby ,we propose that,Lamps :1.5 mm2 electrical wire enough, except some large Pendant lamp. The common socket 2.5 mm2, 4mm2 Restroom kitchen and air conditioning, it is best to 4 or 6 mm2 pvc insulated copper cable, prevent late installation Bath heater and Electrical power Cable.

In a word,GALAXY Electric Cable Group who professional in Cables And Wires For many yeard,worth to your trust!