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What's the working principle of the heating trace cable ?

With the working principle of heating trace cable (or self limiting temperature electric heating cable). It is an electric heating power with the temperature of the system of self - tuning strip temperature with the heat exchanger. That the cable itself has automatic temperature limit, and with the temperature of the heating system can automatically adjust the heating power of the function, to ensure that the working system is always stable in the set of the best operating temperature zone normal operation.

1.1 self regulating heating cable advantages - heating can automatically limit working temperature of cable; -- with the heating system temperature changes automatically adjust the output power without the need of additional equipment. - cable can be arbitrary cut short or in a certain range of long use, and the performance does not change. - allows overlapping winding laying without overheating and burning worries.

1.2 electric heating cable advantages controlled temperature with tropical in is used in antifreeze and insulation. It has the following advantages: with heat pipe temperature uniformity, does not overheat, safe and reliable; saving electric energy, steady state, power is small; intermittent operation, warming fast start; - installation and operation cost is low; installation and easy to operate and maintain; --- easy to automation management.  

2, PTC working principle :

2.1 PTC effect and PTC materials PTC effect is positive temperature coefficient effect is refers to the material resistivity with the increase of temperature increases, and in a certain temperature range resistivity increases rapidly with the characteristics. Material with PTC effect is called PTC material, and the polymer PTC material of the cable is a blend of semi crystalline polymer and carbon black. Tropical heating element tracing

2.2 heating cable working principle controlled temperature is between two parallel metal bus uniform squeeze bag made of a layer of PTC material core belt. PTC materials by melt extrusion, cooling after the formation of the dispersion of carbon particles in which the formation of numerous fine conductive carbon network. When they are connected to two parallel bus bars, the PTC parallel circuit of the core band is formed. When the two ends of the cable are connected with the power supply, the current flows through the PTC material layer from one bus bar to the other bus bar to form a parallel circuit. The PTC layer is a resistance heating element which is continuously connected in parallel between the bus bars, and the electric energy is converted into heat energy, and the operating system is thermally insulated. When the core temperature rise to the corresponding high resistivity zone, resistance to almost blocking the current degree, with a core temperature will reach high limit and no longer increased (i.e., automatic temperature limit). At the same time, the core belt through the sheath to the lower temperature of the heat transfer system, to achieve steady state when the unit time to transfer the heat is equal to the electric power cable. The output power of the cable is mainly controlled by the heat transfer process and the temperature of the heating system.   

2.3 gutter heating cable performance 2.3.1 power transfer performance automatic temperature control electric with tropical heating power is and automatically reduce, or with the temperature decrease automatically increases, the resistance reaches a maximum with temperature increasing, the electric power tends to be minimal, temperature will rise to the high limit, which is cable of self limiting temperature characteristics. Temperature with heat refers to the cable can be in the temperature of a high temperature zone to carry out heat with the process of heat. Tropical resistance tracing 2.3.2 PTC memory performance controlled temperature electric with the increase of temperature increases, in the cool if resistance to along the original heating up route to return to the original starting point, of the memory performance of PTC. Cable with memory performance can be used for a long time. 2.3.3 uniform temperature performance automatic temperature control electric with core of the tropical zone is formed by a large number of fine conductive network PTC parallel units. When the heat pipe with any section material temperature and energy consumption fluctuations, location of each PTC elements can direct temperature and is independent of the response. Instant toward eliminating fluctuations in the direction of the automatic adjustment of the output power of their own, low temperature and high power adjustable, high temperature power overshoot and according to the magnitude of the temperature fluctuation, power modulation is given size.

In order to maintain the operating temperature of each section of the whole system. This is a kind of micro area tracking, full line synchronization, full automatic with the thermal insulation process. 3, 3.1 principal parameters that define nominal power nominal power is refers to under the rated working voltage, in the heat insulation layer to the cable with heat pipe temperature of 10 DEG C, per meter of temperature control with heating cable output steady state electric power. 3.2 temperature index temperature index is defined as the temperature is increased