XI'AN GALAXY Electric heating cable special for breeding heating, thermal insulation, piggery heating...

Our company's electric heating cable can be widely used in residential, office and various types of aquaculture of the winter heating, vegetables, flowers, nursery, breeding, aquaculture hatching greenhouse greenhouse construction.

Today lets talk about the heating cable use for breeding heating  :

Name: electric heating cable special for breeding heating, thermal insulation

Normal size: 16 meters -166 meters

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One. Our electric heating cable features:

The heating cables to the special aquaculture heating heating, professional for pig bed insulation, ground temperature can reach 28 to 32 DEG C

XI'AN GALAXY automatic temperature control energy-saving system working principle:

Heating cable for heating system is 220V power supply connecting embedded in concrete heating cables, heating cable to generate heat, heat is transmitted to the Union in concrete storage and then the heat is composed of concrete by thermal radiation in the form of to on is released slowly and evenly, so as to achieve the warm cool on the heating effect.

Two,The milk boiled, young piggery basic requirements in winter :

1. Maternity homes: suckling pig 3-5 days after birth, Sherwin maintained at 32 degrees Celsius. XI'AN Galaxy automatic temperature control energy saving system can provide 15-38 DEG C for temperature, the temperature is controlled by a thermostat.

2 nursery: surface temperature higher than 15 DEG c;

3 pig should keep dry, easy cleaning, disinfection, elimination of disease risk. 000 warm automatic temperature control system can be directly washed clean.

Three, XI'AN GALAXY automatic temperature control energy saving system structure and installation:

1. The structure and composition of the system: floor, insulation board, aluminum foil reflective, wire mesh, heating cable, nylon belt, concrete heat, surface layer, geothermal probe, other auxiliary.

2 system installation: only the automatic temperature control and energy saving system installed in the pig bed shed, care homes, the lower part of the 220V power supply and temperature control device can be used. A thermostat according to actual customer requirements can control 2-4 pig (each of them can separate control switch)

Four, characteristics and advantages of our heating cable floor heating :

1 simple structure, easy to install

2 manufacturing convenient adjustment, automatic temperature control, can fully guarantee the pig in winter heating;

3 uniform temperature in piggery, warm and cool, dry and clean, good comfort;

4 can be directly washing, disinfection, elimination of disease risk, easy to flush cooling in summer;

5 according to the milk, pig growth, scientific setting for milk, pig Sherwin, healthy growth;

6 50 years of life up to, basically no maintenance, one-time investment, life-long benefit;

7. Automatic temperature control, heat storage in the concrete, should not be lost. The actual day of opening time short with a small power consumption, low use cost;

8 good thermal stability, not temporary power can guarantee the sometimes hot and sometimes cold; meet the basic heating temperature pigsty 4-6 hours;

9. Radiant heating without changing the humidity inside the shed, and improve blood circulation, the latest domestic and foreign research shows that: heating can produce 8-12um infrared, the room has bactericidal effect, to milk, young pigs to good health care function.

10 the system is running without noise, no electromagnetic interference, to ensure milk, young pigs have a good growth environment, increase the speed of growth;

11. A perfect growing environment, improve the survival rate of young dairy, pigs, reduce the incidence of mortality, put an end to the past with the infrared lamp baking bring mortality, greatly shorten the cycle of slaughter, reduce feeding costs, greatly improve the economic benefit;

12 in the pigsty for flushing, convenient management, low maintenance cost management.

Five, size: customized product can according to the size of customers or on-site production.

Six, the use of low cost, management and maintenance of basic expenses

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