You wont miss the cable knowledge

1, household wiring installation precautions socket circuit must be added leakage protection. Electrical equipment is exposed to electrical shock when it is damaged or when the electrical enclosure of the appliance is touched by hand. In addition to wall-mounted air-conditioning power outlet, the other power outlet should be set leakage protection device.

2, household wiring installation precautions of the balcony lighting cable should wear dark tube. If the building at the end of embedded, the application of sheathing line Mingfu.

3, household wiring installation precautions of the power, telephone, television lines should be fire-retardant plastic pipe dark deposited. Telephone and television lines can also be used to protect the weak, the power cord with flame-retardant plastic pipe protection.

4, The attention of electrical wiring installation of electrical wiring should be used in line with safety and fire safety requirements of the laying of wiring. The copper wire should be copper wire.

5, household wiring installation precautions to set the dedicated ground wire (PE line). At the entrance of each building wiring, a set of grounding poles and a line are connected, and the grounding resistance is not more than four.

6, household wiring installation precautions of the kitchen electrical power cable is small, but more and long-term use. Four square wires should be used. Under normal circumstances, two bathrooms in series with four square wires as well. A single toilet can be used 2.5mm2 electric cable standard.