Tomb-sweeping Day Holiday Arrange

Dear All Colleagues,

The Tomb-sweeping Day is coming, the Holiday arrange as follows:

Vacation time : 2nd April to 4th April,2016 

Dear Clients friend,

During holiday, no one will in office, if you have any inquiry for our cables and wires , please directly send to our manager mail: 

Ms. Amy :  , Mobile: 0086 18706880751

Mr. Peter: 

Ms. Alisa:

Ms. Jasmine:

Tomb-sweeping Day refers to the custom in Tomb-sweeping Day and pay homage to the ancestors of the customs.

Tomb-sweeping Day is one of the most important traditional festival Chinese.  It is not only the people pay homage to their ancestors, cherish the  memory of the martyrs of the festival, is the Chinese nation  Renzuguizong ties, more important is understanding predecessors. To see their own shortcomings, correct their descendants, drive.  Understanding the value of life, our ancestors left stock removal  leaves, shoots retained for reference, promote positive energy. For generations, revised daily clearly, the solar calendar year on April 4-6.

Tomb-sweeping  Day has a history of over 2500 years old, also called TaQingJie, March  Festival, worship Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, grave Sweeping Festival,  Halloween etc.. It is [1] and in July fifteen, the ghost festival in early October summer day and called China, three famous "halloween". Calendar for April 5th Tomb-sweeping Day, is one of the twenty-four solar term. In the twenty-four solar terms, both the solar term and the festival is the only qingming.

2013, Ching Ming Festival was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.