Photovoltaic Single core and Twin core PV Solar cable 10mm2 ,10mm

Photovoltaic Single core and Twin core PV Solar cable 10mm2 ,10mm
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Our XLPE 10mm2 Solar Photovoltaic Wire consists of an insulated, non-integrally jacketed single conductor. PV solar panel cable is sunlight resistant and rated for 90°C wet or dry with a voltage rating of 600V. This type of solar cable is used for the interconnection wiring for solar panels in both grounded and ungrounded photovoltaic power systems. We offer PV solar panel cable in several other constructions and materials as well, to meet all of your solar panel wiring needs. XLPE, double jacketed, aluminum conductor, and low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) solar panel cables are all available from Allied. 

 PV Solar cable 10mm2 Specification:

 1: Name: 2PFG 1169 PV1-F10mm2 PV solar cavle (single core and twin cores)

 2: Conductor: 

     Materials:Stranded tinned Copper Conductor

     Composotion(NO/mm) 142/0.3mm or 80/0.4mm

 3: Insulation: 

      Materials: LSOH LSZH XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene)

      Insulation Thickness:5.75mm

 4: Outer sheath: 

      Materials: LSOH LSZH XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene)

      Insulation Thickness: 7.4mm

 5: Outer Diameters: 9.0mm±0.2mm

 6: Standard: TŰV 2Pfg 1169 08.07/UL 

 7: Reated Voltage: AC Uo/U  0.6/1.0KV , DC 1.8KV

 8: Ambient temperature:-40~﹢90℃ ,Max. Temperature at Conductor : 120℃

 9: The expected period of use:25 years

10: Flame rated: IEC60332-1

11: Conductor DC resistance: ≤13.7Ω/km

12:Approx.Net Weight per 1000 meters: 132kg/1000 meters

 PV Solar cable 10mm2  Application:

This cable is specifically designed for connecting photovoltaic system components inside and outside of building and equipment.

 PV Solar cable 10mm2 Performance

1: Electron beam cross-linked materials do not melt or flow, even at high temperatures,Compact and flexible

2: Flame retardant, pass flame test on single vertical insulated wires.

3: High resistance against heat, cold, abrasion, UV, ozone and hydrolyses.

4: Very high mechanical robustness and resistance against water, oil and chemicals.